Palmcredit loan in Nigeria | Get up to a 100,000 naira loan in Nigeria

Palmcredit loan in Nigeria | Get up to a 100,000 naira loan in Nigeria


Am going to tell you about palmcredit loan. Back in the days, getting loans was a bit complicated, you had to go through rigorous verification process, it was slow and it required a lot of paperwork.

Nowadays, you can get loans in less than 10 minutes and it requires little to no paperwork. One of such platforms where you can get a loan in less than 10 minutes is palmcredit.

Palmcredit is owned by transsnet, transsnet is a subsidiary of transsion holdings.

With palmcredit:

1. Loans no longer need paperwork
2. Loan is acquired in a matter of minutes
3. You can get up to a 100,000 naira
4. No collateral
5. You can choose your loan duration

In this blog-post, am going to be writing about all the things you will need to know about palm credit and how to get loans of up to a 100,000 naira with palmcredit loan.

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How to get the palmcredit app

In order to begin requesting for loans with palm credit, you will need to download the palm credit app.

Downloading the palmcredit app is just like downloading any other app, you simply go to google playstore and search for the palm credit app, click on download, once the app is fully downloaded, it should automatically install.

You can then proceed to registering an account and requesting for loans.

Requirements to to get a loan on palmcredit

To begin requesting for loans on palm credit, there are several requirements you need:

1. You must be at least 18 years old and not more than 60 years to request for a loan.
2. You need a valid phone number to request for a palm credit loan
3. You also need an account number.

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How to get a palmcredit loan

To get a palm credit loan, you need to download the app either on android or ios. After downloading the app, you should proceed to registration:

1. Registration involves providing a valid phone number and verifying it.
2. Fill in details like your surname, name, birthday, bank verification number and gender.
3. Provide your bank account details
4. Fill in the other required fields
After providing all the required details, click on SUBMIT.

Types of loans on palmcredit

There are two types of loan you can get on palm credit:

1. Airtime loan
2. Installment loan

Airtime loan

if you are in need of airtime in large amounts or maybe you just ran out of airtime at a crucial moment, you can use the palm credit app to get airtime and payback later.

You can borrow up to 10,000 naira airtime on palm credit on any network of your choice. This borrowed credit should be paid back within 14 working days.

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Installment loan

If you need cash to maybe invest in a business you believe will yield high returns later, but you do not have the starting capital, palm credit offers loan of up to a 100,000 naira.

This is the loan in which you can get real cash from palm credit. Palm credit allows loans of up to a 100,000 naira. The loaned money should be paid back in 1-6 months.

How to repay your loan

If you successfully received a palm credit loan and want to repay the money, it is very simple. You can repay in two ways:

1. Pay on the palm credit app
2. Pay to the official palm credit account number via cash deposit

Pay on the palm credit app

1. Launch the app
2. Click on MENU
3. Click on MY LOAN
5. Click on PAY NOW
6. Put in your palm credit PIN

Pay via cash deposit

If you want to pay via cash deposit, you will need the official palm credit account details below:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0772692676

After payment, send the proof of payment to

NOTE: Ensure you always repay on time, this is so that next time you request for a loan on palm credit, it will be easily granted.

Palm credit interest rates

Palm credit interest rate usually ranges from 14% to 24% on your loans.

Palm credit affiliate

Palmcredit will pay you 600 naira for every new user that you bring to the platform. This means you can get up to 6,000 naira for 10 friends that you bring to the platform, awesome right?

Is palmcredit real/legit?

Many people have asked this question. Since palm credit requires info like your bank account number, bank verification number and other personal information, it can usually raise alarms.

All I can tell u confidently is that palm credit has been granting loans for a while now and its users have never really complained about their services.

So if you are looking for a quick loan, palm credit is definitely a great option.

Palmcredit customer care/service

If you have a query or questions about palm credit, you can contact their customer care via the below phone number:
+234 700 725 64357 (8am – 5pm, Mon – Fri)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is palmcredit legit?

Yes, palmcredit is a legit platform to get loans. As long as you meet the requirements, you should easily get loans from them.

Do i need collateral to access palm credit loans?

You don’t need a collateral to get palmcredit loans.

How much can i borrow from palmcredit?

With palmcredit, you can get anywhere from 2,000 naira to 300, 000 naira.

How do i download palmcredit on my iphone?

Go to the apple store and search for palmcredit using the search function, then download and install.

How do i get a loan instantly?

Register on the palmcredit app and provide the necessary details and apply, you should get your loan in minutes if you meet the requirements.


Thank you for reading this post, i hope you now understand what palm credit is all about and how you can easily get a palmcredit loan.

If you have questions about palm credit, you can leave them below and I will answer the ones I can or turn you to the right direction.

Remember to share this post to your friends who might need this and subscribe to this blog to get more posts like this straight to your inbox.

Thank you once again.

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