How to become an Opay agent in Nigeria

How to become an Opay agent in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country where one cannot simply survive on a single job, the high cost of living plus the fact that the available jobs pay very little, has made people to sought after other ways in which they can make money.

This is usually called a side hustle and it has enabled a few percent of the population to be “financially stable”.

If you, like most Nigerians work an average job, and intend to boost your account balance by doing some jobs on the side, then this post is written specifically for you.

So you want to know how to become an Opay agent? you are in the right place. In this post, am going to show you how to become an Opay agent easily and quickly.

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As an Opay agent, you have another source of revenue, and you will need to know some certain things before you decide whether to become one or not.

Opay is owned by popular browser opera mini and is used to complete online payment and money transfer. With Opay, you can buy airtime, pay cable subscriptions, pay electricity bills e.t.c.

Opay supports payment with mastercard, visa and transfers from banking app.

Opay agent

In this blog post, am going to show you all you would need to know about Opay and also how to become an Opay agent.

Lets get into it, and make sure to read till the end…

Opay app functions (what you can do on the Opay app)

There are many things that can be done on the Opay app, they majorly revolve around payments. You can do the following on the Opay app:

  1. Pay GOTV and DSTV subscription easily, safely and quickly.
  2. Buy mobile data from different service providers like airtel, mtn, glo and 9mobile.
  3. Pay for utility bill e.g electricity bill.
  4. Order for rides e.g oride in lagos
  5. Place bet on bet9ja.
  6. Get a quick loan
  7. Receive money by scanning QR code.

There are so many other functions you can perform on the Opay app, but the above are the major functions.

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How to become an Opay agent

Becoming an Opay agent is very straight forward and not quite as complicated as others might think. The whole process can usually be started and finished online. The below steps highlights how to become an Opay agent:

  1. Download the Opay app on android from google playstore, it should automatically install on your phone.
  2. Opay will ask for a valid phone number to complete the installation
  3. Contact the Opay support team and request for a registration phone.
  4. Fill the form correctly with and provide a valid passport photo, utility bill, means of identification and an optional corporate affairs commission documents.
  5. After you have successfully done the above steps, you can begin carrying out transactions.

OPay agent requirements (What you need to become an opay agent)

Opay requires some certain things from you in other for you to become an Opay agent:

  1. An Android phone

This is so you can use the app to effectively carry out transactions like airtime purchase, pay electricity bill, subscribe for cable e.t.c.

  1. A small or medium sized shop

This is the place where customers can meet with you and perform transactions easily.

  1. Communication skills

To effectively run your business, you will need to be able to read, write and communicate with your customers. Good customer relation abilities is also an added benefit.

  1. Means of identification

Opay requires you to provide a passport photo, utility bill, means of identification and an optional corporate affairs commission documents.

Advantages of becoming an Opay agent

There are several benefits you get by becoming an Opay agent, they include:

  1. Opay gives you a free POS for becoming an agent.
  2. Registration for becoming an agent is absolutely free.
  3. An Opay agent enjoys quicker settlements on all transactions.
  4. Cash withdrawal from your Opay wallet.
  5. When you purchase airtime, pay utility bills, pay GOTV/DSTV subscription and other transactions, there are no charges.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much do I need to register as an Opay agent?

Registration is absolutely free on Opay. Opay does require certain things like a means of identification but the registration process is free.

How do i get my free POS?

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to get your free POS from Opay, but until then you should be carrying out transactions.

How do I make money as an Opay agent?

You make money as an opay agent by carrying out transactions on Opay i.e by purchasing airtime, paying cable subscriptions, paying utility bills e.t.c.

How much can I earn as an Opay agent?

This depends on you, your marketing skills and how committed you are. Opay has basically provided you with a platform to make money, the rest is completely up to you.

Do I need a shop to become an Opay agent?

Yes, you do. It’s usually a small/medium sized shop, with which you can carry out Opay transactions easily.

If you still have questions about Opay, you can reach its support at or Whatsapp +2349066722924


There are lots of people looking for easy ways to pay electricity bills, subscribe for GOTV/DSTV, It is now left for you to offer your services to these people.

Opay is willing to empower you with the right tools for you to succeed in this business, the rest is totally up to you.

I hope you now know everything you would need to about becoming an Opay agent. You can make a decent amount of money by doing this, plus all the personal benefits you get by becoming an Opay agent.

If you still have questions about Opay, you can comment them below and I will answer the ones I can and put you in the right direction for the ones that I cannot answer.

Please don’t hesitate to share with your friends who might need this and also subscribe to be getting posts like this directly to your inbox.


Thank you for reading once again.

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