How to become a firstmonie agent in Nigeria

How to become a firstmonie agent

Let me show you how to become a firstmonie agent. If you go to most banks these days, the first thing you would notice is the crowd of people looking to carry out financial transactions.

This can sometimes be very frustrating especially if you need to carry out a transaction very quickly.

One way to carry out transactions without needing to go to the bank is via agent banking.

Agent banking is a channel used to bring financial services closer to the unbanked and underbanked segment of the society by empowering existing business within the communities to deliver their services.

In this blog post, am going to be writing about firstmonie and everything you would need to know on how to become a firstmonie agent.

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A first bank mobile money agent is someone who is in partnership with the first bank of Nigeria and provides services just like you would get by going to the bank.

This means that as a customer, you can do things like deposit money, open an account without needing to visit a bank.

According to the first bank official website “a firstmonie agent network is a bespoke channel through which firstbank expresses her commitment and passion to broadening the opportunities and access to financial services for every Nigerian and Africa, especially within the low income segment”.

Functions of first bank mobile money agents (What can firstmonie agents do?)

  1. Open account

If you want to open a bank account, and you there’s no bank close by, a firstmonie agent can help you with this. It will save you the stress of having to find the nearest bank around. The account is the same as the one you would open in a bank.

  1. Deposit moneyYou can deposit money with a firstmonie agent and your account balance or the account balance of whoever you are depositing money to will reflect it. This means no long queues and no waiting until it’s your turn to deposit.
  2. Buy airtime

If you want to buy airtime for any network, a firstmonie agent can help you with this. You can buy airtime for airtel, glo, mtn, 9mobile.

  1. Pay bills

Firstmonie agent can help you pay your GOTV/DSTV subscription, electricity bills and others.  So if you want to renew your cable subscription, you can walk up to the nearest firstmonie agent and do this easily.

  1. Withdraw money from any bank account

It doesn’t matter if you are not a first bank customer, you can withdraw money from your bank account via a firstmonie agent without going to the bank. This means no long wait at the ATM so it can get to your turn for you to withdraw money.

  1. Send money to any bank account

You can send money to any bank via a firstmonie agent without needing to go to the bank, this will save you time and stress.

  1. Check account balance

If for some reason, you can’t check your account balance, a firstmonie agent can help you do this.

  1. Customer inquiries about first bank products

Firstmonie agents can help you with any inquires that you might have about firstbank products and more.

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How to become a firstmonie agent

To become a firstmonie agent, you need to meet some certain requirements:

  1. Own an existing business with good patronage
  2. A visible business location which is easily accessible.
  3. Minimum working capital of 50,000 naira
  4. Complete agent registration form and execute agreement
  5. Valid identification e.g voter’s card, driver’s license, international passport, national ID card.
  6. Any regulatory information as required e.g Business registration documents.

To begin the process of becoming a firstmonie agent, you will need to visit the nearest first bank branch.

Potential firstbank firstmonie agents include any of the following entities

  1. Unregistered SMEs – individuals
  2. Registered businesses – limited liability companies, sole proprietorship, partnerships, co-operative societies.
  3. Corporate with retail chain/large distribution network.

Benefits of transacting through a firstmonie agent

  1. You save money as you don’t need to travel to the nearest bank or ATM point.
  2. Saves a lot of time since there are no long queues.
  3. Transactions done through firstmonie agents are easy and can be processed with or without your ATM card.
  4. Firstmonie transactions are safe, all transactions are PIN protected.

How to identify a firstmonie agent

  1. Outdoor paintings in firstbank colors (blue and gold)
  2. Firstmonie agent certificate
  3. Firstmonie agent banner
  4. Firstmonie agent dangler.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

Who can transact as a firstmonie agent?

Anyone can transact as a firstmonie agent, and the good thing is that you don’t even have to be a firstbank customer to be a firstmonie agent.

This means that you can be a firstmonie agent even if you are a customer of gtbank, UBA, Zenith or any of the other banks.

How to identify a firstmonie agent?

Every agent has a certificate of registration and an identification number that can be verified at any bank branch, or through the first bank contact center.

What can you do as a firstmonie agent?

You can open an account, deposit money, buy airtime, pay bills, withdraw money from any bank account, send money to any bank account, check account balance.

How to contact the firstbank support about firstmonie?

You can inquire about firstmonie via:

0700FIRSTMONIE (0700-34778-66643)



You can as well visit any of the firstbank branches.


Everyone is looking for a way to save time these days, firstmonie offers customers a way to access their money in a stress-free and timely manner.

Firstmonie by so doing is offering individuals a way to make money by offering their services. Lots of people have made a good amount of money doing this, and if you are serious about getting into this business, you can make money from it too.

There will be no shortage of customers as a lot of people are looking for easier ways to send money, receive money and pay bills as well.

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Thank you for reading.


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