Zenith Bank cardless withdrawal (How to withdraw money without your ATM card)

Zenith Bank cardless withdrawal (How to withdraw money without your ATM card)

Read all about Zenith bank cardless withdrawal.

You know how annoying and frustrating it is to queue for long under the sun at the bank waiting for your turn and wishing your time to use the ATM should arrive quickly, and finally, when it’s your turn, you found out your ATM card has been forgotten at home.

That’s where zenith bank cardless withdrawal comes in, giving you the ability to perform withdrawal without needing to use your ATM card at all.


As one of the banking sector leading giants, customers of Zenith Bank customers can now withdraw money from ATMs without using their Naira debit cards.

This will improve the customer experience and also allows for seamless cash transactions, thanks to the new cardless withdrawal service.


In this article, you are going to read about a guide covering how a Zenith bank customer can begin withdrawing cash in the most efficient manner possible without having to wander around with an ATM card, using the Zenith bank cardless withdrawal.

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How to use the Zenith bank cardless withdrawal

zenith bank cardless withdrawal

  • Dial *966*00# on your registered phone number
  • Now the next screen will be prompted, choose option 7 which is the cardless withdrawal option
  • Choose to create a cardless withdrawal code
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw from your account, note that it shouldn’t be more than 20,000
  • You will get sent a 12 digit code and 4 digit pin notification
  • Visit any zenith bank ATM branch close to you and press any button on the ATM
  • A screen full of various options will be prompted, make sure to choose the quick teller option
  • Enter the 12 digit code sent to your phone earlier
  • Input the 4 digit code also, this serves as a pin code for them to verify you truly requested for this withdrawal process
  • Enter the amount of money you requested
  • The next step will require you to enter the phone number connected to your Zenith account
  • Then click on done to complete the transaction process
  • After this, the cash will be dispensed, take your cash (Obviously LOL) and you have successfully used the cardless withdrawal method



What is zenith bank cardless withdrawal?

The cardless withdrawal feature is a convenient, quick, secure, and cost-effective way to perform a seamless transaction without needing or using your issued ATM card.

Who is eligible to use the cardless withdrawal method?

You must make sure your ATM card is quickteller enabled, or else you won’t be able to use this amazing time saving feature.

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You must use a Quickteller enabled ATM to make Zenith bank cardless withdrawals at an ATM. Quickteller is available at all Zenith ATMs, and the cardless withdrawal option is displayed under the Quickteller cash-out option.


When you need to withdraw money from an ATM but don’t have your ATM card with you, the Zenith bank cardless withdrawal comes in handy.

You will be relieved of the stress of having to queue at the ATM if you withdraw cash without a card. Because Zenith bank cardless withdrawal uses a USSD code, it is only possible if you have a phone with the phone number associated with your bank account. For some banks, it also works through their internet banking websites.

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