First bank cardless withdrawal (How to withdraw on first bank without your ATM card)

First bank cardless withdrawal (How to withdraw on first bank without your ATM card)

Withdrawing with your ATM (Automated Teller Machine) card is fast, easy, and convenient when compared to going inside the bank to meet a customer representative when trying to withdraw your money.

But it also has numerous disadvantages, carrying your ATM card around might make you a subject to scammers, you might lose the card or get it stolen from you.

And, I am sure there is no need to tell you what will happen next if any of the possible scenarios listed above happen to you.

The First Bank has also thought of this, which is why they introduced the Cardless Withdrawal method to their customers in the year 2014.

What is a Cardless Withdrawal and how does it even work you ask? Well, do not trouble your mind as I will be tackling these two questions and more in this explanatory guide.

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What is a Cardless Withdrawal?

The cardless withdrawal method is also the same as using your ATM card, they both perform the same function, which is to withdraw money from an ATM machine.

But the main difference between them is that you don’t need a physical ATM card to perform withdrawal when withdrawing with the Cardless Withdrawal method.

You just have to generate a pay code on your smart/mobile phone and go to the nearest First bank ATM machine to initiate the withdrawal.

Benefits of Cardless Withdrawal method

Let’s say you’re being careful with your ATM card, it is still intact and functioning, why would you need to embrace the new Cardless Withdrawal method?

In this section, I am going to list some benefits of using this method and let you know that it is much more than just a method of initiating withdrawal through an ATM machine.

  • You can withdraw cash without using a debit or credit card thanks to this unique and simple function.
  • It’s a much safer method of withdrawing from an ATM machine since you won’t be revealing your card info and the payout code is only valid for 24 hours.
  • Saves you the visible confusion and stress of getting a new card if your physical ATM card is damaged or misplaced.
  • You can send your pay code to a friend or family that’s away from you to withdraw

Now that you know the benefits, let me proceed to show you how you can use this cardless withdrawal method yourself.

How to use the First Bank Cardless Withdrawal method

To use this new and safe method, just follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Dial *894*0# on your smart/mobile phone, make sure you’re dialing on a registered phone number already linked to your account
  • Provide the required details and input your pin to prove authenticity
  • On the next screen pop-up, generate a 4-digit pin, create the pin and click on send
  • An SMS containing your Pay Code will be sent shortly after
  • Visit the nearest FirstBank ATM machine outlet
  • Once you get to operate the machine, press enter and select the “Cardless Withdrawal” method
  • Now enter the Pay Code sent to your mobile phone on the next screen
  • Also, enter the amount you would like to withdraw
  • Finally, press the enter button to withdraw your money

It’s as easy as that, just make sure to keep your Pay code safe, as anybody with the code can use it to withdraw without your consent.


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