How to upgrade my Zenith bank account

How to upgrade my Zenith bank account

Have you been making efforts to upgrade your Zenith bank account all to no avail? Worry no more, you will be shown how to upgrade your Zenith bank account to any status/level without any stress at all.

The process is quite simple, in contradiction to how it’s being portrayed nowadays.

There are so many reasons why you might need to upgrade your bank account, you might want to remove limitations and restrictions placed on your account or you want to level up from student account to business account E.T.C.

When this account upgrade process is done, all restrictions and transaction limits placed on your account will be lifted, you can then start receiving and sending out an unlimited amount of money.

Let’s get into it…

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Requirements needed to upgrade Zenith bank account

upgrade zenith bank account

Before going through the process of account upgrading, there are certain requirements that you need to provide.

Below are the major ones:

  • A means of valid ID (Can be a National ID card, Voter’s card, or International passport)
  • A passport photograph showing your face clearly
  • Utility bills acquired in the last three months such as NEPA bill, rent bill, Water bills, Vehicle insurance bills, Telecommunications bill and so on

They may require some other necessary things, but once you get all these major ones ready, you can now proceed to the next step outlined below.

How to upgrade Zenith bank account

There is no method to do this online or using a USSD shortcode yet, the reason being this account upgrade is a crucial process.

Once all the above-outlined requirements are ready, visit any Zenith bank branch near you and meet with a customer representative, let them know your motives.

They will ask you if you come along with all the necessary requirements, confirm that you and an account upgrade form will be given to you.

The form will require details such as Full name, Gender, DOB (Date Of Birth), Email address, Home address, Telephone, and so on.

Fill out the form correctly without any errors at all and submit it at the Zenith bank customer representative desk.

Your request will be processed and if everything is done correctly, your bank account will be upgraded within 24 hours.


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Surprised that’s all it takes?

The process is so easy, just get your requirements ready, meet Zenith bank staff for assistance and your request will be processed once the account upgrade form is filled.


Still have any questions? Kindly comment down below so more light can be shed.


  1. Olalekan Temitope Mutiyat said:

    Pls I don’t know my savings limit before my husband transfered money to my account and the money is not reflect on my current balance instead it reflect on ledger balance how will I go about it.

    April 17, 2022
  2. Solademi Bimbola said:

    As we all know that NEPA doesn’t share bill any more and most houses are now on prepaid metre how can someone do with that if his/her is on prepaid metre and want to upgrade his/her bank account?

    June 7, 2022

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