Sterling bank cardless withdrawal (How to withdraw without ATM card)

Sterling bank cardless withdrawal (How to withdraw without ATM card)

Read all about Sterling bank cardless withdrawal.

At one point in time, we’ve all experienced the frustration of getting to an ATM machine outlet only to discover that the ATM card required to carry out a transaction has been left at home.  Worry no more!

Just like other technology-woke banking organizations in Nigeria, Sterling bank has also adopted the new Cardless Withdrawal features in an effort to add to their arsenal of ways to make withdrawing from an ATM machine outlet easier.

By now, you might have subconsciously started asking yourself what a Cardless Withdrawal is.

Well, as its name implies, the Cardless Withdrawal feature lets you withdraw money from an ATM machine outlet without using the physical ATM card issued by your bank.

It technically means you don’t have to carry your ATM card around, ATM transactions can be initiated just by the use of your smart or mobile phone.

I will be showing you how to make a Cardless Withdrawal as a Sterling bank user, stay tuned and let’s get started…

But before that, let’s take a look at the benefits and features of why you need to start using the Cardless withdrawal method instead of the old-fashioned physical card.

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Benefits of using the Sterling bank Cardless Withdrawal

  • Get cash at the ATM without using your debit card.
  • Easy means to send cash to friends and family, without compromising your debit card information.
  • This service is available 24/7 on all quick teller-enabled ATMs.

Features of Sterling bank Cardless Withdrawal

  • The transaction limit for cardless withdrawal is N20,000.
  • Works with phone numbers registered with customer’s Sterling Bank account.
  • Value is debited directly from your STERLING account.
  • A reliable network at the customer’s location is required to access the service.

Now that the benefits and features are cleared, the next chunk of content will be showing you how you can perform a Cardless withdrawal just with the use of your smart or mobile phone.

How to perform a Sterling bank Cardless Withdrawal

Below is the step-by-step process that you need to follow:

  • Dial *822# on the SIM card you used to register for your Sterling bank account, make sure you also have sufficient airtime to cover USSD transaction cost
  • Follow all the on-screen prompts and provide all necessary information required
  • Generate your special 10-14 digits Pay Code pin, the pin will be sent via SMS
  • Locate and visit the nearest Sterling bank ATM machine outlet in your area
  • Press the “ENTER” button and input the Pay Code generated earlier
  • Specify the amount you would like to withdraw from your bank account and press OK!
  • The specified amount of cash will be dispensed


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It’s as easy as that! I believe the process is not too complicated and easy to follow, but let me know in the comment section if you feel stuck or need help.

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