How to block Fidelity bank ATM card

How to block Fidelity bank ATM card

Read all about how to block fidelity bank ATM card.

Have you misplaced your Fidelity bank ATM card or did you detect that your card has gotten into the wrong hands that might withdraw funds without an authorization?

In this type of situation, the victim usually becomes confused about what to do thereby giving the perpetrators more time to use their ATM card illegally.

What you need to do is quickly block your ATM card to render it useless if any of the above instances happen to you. Now, the main question is, how can you block your Fidelity bank ATM card?

You can either go to a Fidelity bank branch near you or block it yourself through self-service, going to the bank will be a long process.

So in this guide, you will be shown “How to block Fidelity bank ATM card” easily in a few minutes and without the need to visit any bank premises.

There are mainly 3 self-service methods you can use to block the ATM card yourself, dialing a USSD code, using the Fidelity bank official mobile app, or by contacting Fidelity bank customer support for immediate help.

The 3 methods mentioned above will be explained step-by-step in the following series of content. Let’s get started…

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How to block Fidelity bank ATM card (USSD Method)

The easiest method on our list is to block your misplaced or stolen Fidelity ATM card through the USSD method. To get it done, simply dial *770*991# on the mobile phone number already linked to your Fidelity bank account.

Follow the on-screen prompts and provide all necessary info, also make sure to dial the USSD code on the mobile phone number linked to your bank account as mentioned above.

Once the process is completed, your ATM card will be blocked from making a successful withdrawal.

How to block Fidelity bank ATM card (Mobile app Method)

The second easy method is to block your ATM card using the official Fidelity mobile app published on popular app hosting platforms like Google play store and Apple store for IOS users.

Before getting started, you will need to download and install the Fidelity mobile app on your device if you haven’t done so before.

Open up the app and log in with your credentials or register if this is your first time using the mobile app.

After logging in or registering, go to the “Cards” section, select the card you want to block if you have multiple ones then click “Block Card” and let them know why you would like to block it.

How to block Fidelity bank ATM card (Customer support Method)

The last method that will be explained in this guide is the Fidelity bank customer support method. If you would like to block your ATM card, you can call their customer support line, contact them on their official social media handles or reach out to them via email.

Let them know the reason why you’re contacting them, you will be asked to provide information to identify the card you want blocked and also verify your authenticity.

Once all information required is supplied, your Fidelity bank ATM card will be blocked.

  • Fidelity customer support line: 01-4485252
  • Fidelity customer support email:
  • Fidelity bank Twitter handle: @fidelitybankplc
  • Fidelity bank Facebook handle: @fidelitybankplc


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I hope the above outlined methods will help you avert getting your money wired off of your account without authorization, comment down below if you still have any questions.

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