How to withdraw money without your ATM card (cardless withdrawal)

How to withdraw money without your ATM card (cardless withdrawal)

In the past few years, the banking services are gradually evolving to make the withdrawal process more easier and seamless for bank account owners. From ATM machines withdrawal to the use of local POS agents and now the not-yet-popular Cardless Withdrawal methods.

In this “How to withdraw without ATM card” article, you will be shown a cover-it-all guide on how you can try out this recently introduced withdrawal method on any bank in Nigeria.

It is so easy to perform a Cardless Withdrawal, you can either dial a special USSD code unique to your bank or use your bank mobile app and it also has so many advantages over the traditional withdrawing method.

Without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s get started.

What is a Cardless ATM and how does it work?

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As already stated above, Cardless ATMs allow you to access your funds and also conduct other banking transactions without the need to use a physical debit card.

This amazing method uses a different kind of technology to connect your digital debit card information to the ATM just by inputting a generated PAYCODE or using Biometric verification, this will be explained in a more detailed way later in this guide.

Benefits of using Cardless Withdrawals

You might be wondering why you need to adopt the Cardless Withdrawal method over the use of traditional physical cards that have been existing for years.

Well, you will enjoy the convenience of not having to carry your physical debit card with you everywhere you are.

You can also have the same seamless, digital experience when paying with your phone at your favorite merchants.

Below are few of the major reasons why Cardless Withdrawal method needs to be your favorite:

  • Gives room for flexibility: You might be skeptical to carry your debit/credit ATM card with you sometimes when going for a walk, a jog or flying out the country. The Cardless Withdrawal method is now available to be used whenever and wherever you are if you urgently need to lay your hands on some cash.
  • Much more safer: Even though this method has it’s own flaws, it is still much safer than carrying a physical ATM card around. For instance, lurking scammers can’t use skimmers to steal your data since it’s not inserted into a terminal. The PAYCODE generated is also for one-time use only so it can’t be used by anyone else even if it got compromised.
  • No malfunction: We all know the frustration that hits us right in the face when ATM machines might decide to swallow inserted debit cards because of a malfunction. You won’t face such a thing with the Cardless Withdrawal method.

Above are a few of many more advantages you get to enjoy if you adopt performing the Cardless Withdrawal method.

How to withdraw money without ATM card (3 methods)

There are 3 major ways that you can use to perform a Cardless withdrawal, it’s either you dial a simple USSD code, use mobile banking or process it on internet banking.

Note that this is a general guide that you can follow to perform a Cardless withdrawal no matter what Nigeria bank you’re using.

Even though the process might be slightly different, you can still follow this guide.

To perform Cardless Withdrawal via mobile banking:

  • First proceed to Google play store or Apple store for IOS users to download and install your bank mobile app
  • Log in or register after a successful mobile banking app installation
  • On the user homepage or sidebar menu arrays, click on “Cardless Withdrawal” and a form will be displayed
  • Fill the form correctly, inputting how much you would like to withdraw and some other personal info
  • Click “Continue” after completing the form and a PAYCODE will be sent to your linked phone number
  • Now visit any Cardless Withdrawal enabled ATM machine near you to cash out your funds

To perform Cardless Withdrawal via internet banking:

  • Visit your bank internet portal page, log in with your details or register if this is your first time using the internet banking portal for financial services
  • Click on “Account transfer” and choose Cardless Withdrawal. Complete the generated form with the amount you want to withdraw, your phone number and others
  • By this time, you should have gotten a token get sent to your number, enter it on the final step to authorize the process
  • A PAYCODE will be sent to your mobile phone number via SMS, visit your bank ATM machine to cash out needed funds

To perform Cardless Withdrawal via USSD code:

  • Simply ask your bank customer representative or search the internet for the Cardless Withdrawal USSD code to dial according to the respective bank you’re using
  • Dial the USSD code, follow the on-screen prompts, supply all necessary requirements to generate a one-time unique PAYCODE
  • Go to your bank Cardless Withdrawal enabled ATM machine outlet, follow the on-screen prompts to get your cash dispensed

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Banking has now been made easy with the evolution of technology. I hope this guide on “How to withdraw money without ATM card” will be helpful to you.

If you still have any questions not covered traversing your mind, kindly comment down below.

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