How to check BVN details online

How to check BVN details online

In the banking world, BVN is an acronym of which the full meaning is Bank Verification Number. It’s a fraud-curbing system introduced in 2005 by the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) in an attempt to decrease the high rate of illegal financial transactions.

The BVN does not serve only the fraud-curbing purpose, it’s also a way of tracking all your banking activities across all active banks in Nigeria. With just an 11-digit number, you’ve earned yourself a unique identification number irrespective of which bank in Nigeria you’re banking with.

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BVN technology captures biometric data such as fingerprints and faces to register customers and make their presence known in the financial system. The BVN is useful in so many ways, for instance, it’s also used to reduce loan defaulters as they can’t move to another bank and request a loan without getting their credit score history checked first.

In this “How to check BVN details online” guide, you will be shown how you can check your BVN details without visiting any bank branches near you. Just at the press of a few buttons, you can reveal your BVN details and use it for any purpose you wish to from the comfort of your home.

How to check BVN details online

To reveal your BVN details, simply dial *565*0# on the sim linked to your BVN enrolment document. This will work for any network carrier SIM in Nigeria and it’s also the universal BVN checker code for all banks in Nigeria

Wait a few milliseconds for the request to finish processing and a pop-up showing your BVN details will appear.

On a rare occasion, your BVN number might also get sent to your mobile phone number via SMS. Also, note that this process will require a charge of N20.


Hope this guide on “How to check BVN details online” has shown you how you can reveal your BVN number without the need to visit any banking hall.


Please make sure to not disclose your BVN details to anyone online as they can be used to carry out illegal activities or unauthorized transactions.


If you still have any questions at all, do not hesitate to leave a comment down below.

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