How to increase transfer limit on zenith bank mobile app

How to increase transfer limit on zenith bank mobile app

Read my post on how to increase transfer limit on zenith bank mobile app.

Zenith bank mobile banking has been rampant amongst bank customers because it’s easy and more convenient when compared to other banking channels.

Despite the numerous advantages of this mobile banking channel and what it seamlessly allows customers to do, it still has one but.

There is a daily transfer limit of N100,000 placed on the Zenith bank mobile app which you need to complete a few processes in order to get the limit lifted.

So in this guide on “how to increase transfer limit on Zenith bank mobile app“, you will be shown a quick and easy method which you can use to lift the Zenith bank transfer limit without visiting any banking hall.

What is Zenith bank’s daily transfer limit?

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The transfer limit that will be imposed on your bank account when signing up for mobile banking greatly depends on the mode of registration you used while signing up.

For example, your daily transfer limit will be N20,000 if you sign up with branch activation code, debit card sign up will get you a transfer limit of N100,000 while you will get a daily transfer limit of N2,000,000 if you sign up using Hardware or E-token.

As you’ve probably guessed, the Hardware or E-token gives the highest daily transfer limit and if you have already signed up for mobile banking using the other two methods, the Hardware or E-token will be required to maximize the amount you can transact daily.

How to increase transfer limit on Zenith bank mobile app (Hardware or E-token)

To maximize your daily transfer limit amount, you will need to get the Zenith bank Hardware token or use the E-token app.

Walk into any Zenith banking hall closest to you, meet with any of their customer representatives to request for a Hardware token and you will be granted one for a fee of N3,500.

Or if you don’t want to visit any banking hall to save yourself the stress, you can use the E-token app. Just search for Zenith E-token app on Google play store or Apple store for IOS users.

After a successful app download and installation, activate it with your Zenith bank debit card. You will need to provide your account number, your last ATM card 6 digits and your 4-digit card PIN.

After Obtaining an Hardware token or Activating the E-token app, follow the simple procedures below to maximize daily transfer amount:

  • Log in to your Zenith bank mobile app, then go to settings and then “Transfer limit
  • You will be required to choose the account you want to increase limit for if you have multiple bank account with Zenith and also enter your desired maximum transfer limit
  • Remember that the Zenith bank maximum daily transfer limit cannot exceed N5,000,000 for Zenith to Zenith bank transfer while it is N2,000,000 for Zenith to other bank transfers
  • Once you’ve entered your desired amount, click next and generate a token using the Zenith bank Hardware token device or E-token mobile app
  • Now input your Zenith bank account security PIN along with the generated Token

You will be shown a success message if all goes well. And that’s it, as simple as ABC.

In Conclusion

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Hope this straightforward guide on “how to increase transfer limit on Zenith bank mobile app” has educated as well as enlightened you about how you can lift daily transfer limit without the need to visit any banking hall.


If there is any part not clear to you, you get stuck at a process or you simply have any more questions, kindly comment down below.


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