How to fund GTbank dollar MasterCard and domiciliary account

How to fund GTbank dollar MasterCard and domiciliary account

Read all about how to fund GTbank dollar MasterCard and domiciliary account.

The GTbank debit MasterCard is an international debit card issued in partnership with MasterCard worldwide and directly linked to your MasterCard account. It is denominated in US dollars, but can also be used to settle purchases in other currencies.

A domiciliary account is an account that operates in foreign currencies likes dollar, pounds, euros etc. You can receive, send and deposit foreign currency on your domiciliary account.


With a domiciliary account, you can save your money in foreign currency, you can receive money from outside the country and more.

When you apply and get a GTbank dollar MasterCard, a new ledger balance will be opened, what this means is that the dollar card is basically an entity on its own and is independent of your domiciliary account.

In simple terms, it means that your dollar MasterCard is not usually linked with your domiciliary account, and if you want to perform transactions from your dollar MasterCard, you will need to transfer funds from your domiciliary account to the dollar card.

In this post, I am going to show you how to fund your GTbank dollar MasterCard, and also how to fund your GTbank domiciliary account.

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How to fund GTbank dollar MasterCard?

Follow the below instructions to fund your GTbank dollar card:

  1. On mobile banking or internet banking platform, login and go to “Transfer and withdrawals”
  2. Click on to OWN ACCOUNTS
  3. Click on CURRENT ACCOUNT, then MasterCard/visa debit card
  4. Enter the total funds you want to transfer and click OK
  5. Complete the process and your GTbank dollar MasterCard will be funded.

How to fund GTbank domiciliary account?

You can fund your GTbank Dom account by direct deposit i.e. taking dollar notes to the bank cashier and depositing it to your account. You can get dollar notes from any bureau de change office close to you.

You can also use your domiciliary account to receive dollar deposit from abroad, and if you are into any online business, you can use it to receive money from abroad.


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