How to change access bank phone number/alert number

How to change access bank phone number/alert number

Read all about how to change access bank phone number.

For every account you create in Nigeria, especially when it comes to a bank account you must have a mobile number attached to it because with this mobile number you will be able to confirm details of your transactions  either a debit or credit alert.

In a case where you are not able to perform Mobile banking transactions you can use this mobile number to pay bills, buy airtime and make transfer etc. using the USSD code.

If you’ve been searching for how to change your access Bank phone number flash alert number this article will guide you on how you can successfully change your access bank alert number.

For you to have searched for a solution to your problem you might have been affected either directly or indirectly and there are some reasons that may warrant you to change your access bank alert number.

Reasons to change your access alert number

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There’s no specific reason to why  people change their mobile number attached to their bank but sometimes the major reasons may be a case of theft or loss of SIM card and after losing the SIM card you are not able to do a welcome back and you decide to change your mobile number.

Another reason may be that the individual wants to change from a particular network provider to another network provider of his choice because of his or her personal reasons.

Apart from the reasons stated above there are unlimited reasons why any individual will want to change the mobile number attached to their bank.

What requirements do I need to fulfill in other to  change my access bank alert number?

While going to change your  access bank alert number you need to have the below items as required by the bank because you need to fill some of these information if  you want your complaint to be attended to

  • Access bank Account number
  • email address is
  • old phone number
  • new mobile number
  • reasons for changing number
  • means of identification either voter’s card, driver’s license, international passport etc

How can I change my access bank phone number

Although, unlike some other banks that can give you access to change the number attached to your account online, via your mobile banking application or by visiting the ATM.

Access bank has not created that platform as they still need you to physically follow the Orthodox way in order to change your phone number  and all you have to do is to follow the steps below.

  • Visit the nearest access bank closest to you with the above listed requirement
  • Locate the customer care help desk and state your problem
  • You’ll be given a form to fill
  • Ensure you provide the required information correctly
  • Submit the form and wait for further directives
  • Within 24 hours your complaint will be resolved

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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How to change my access bank phone number online?

As at the time of writing this post, you can only change your access bank phone number by visiting the banking halls, and it can’t be done online.

However, you can always contact the access bank customer care.

How long does it take to change my access bank phone number?

It should not take more than 24 hours.


For now this is just the best way for you to change your access bank alert number because like said access bank  is yet to provide a more easier solutions to this problem.

Hopefully with  time they’ll be able to provide one in which you can change your number from the comfort of your home without any need to go to the bank or  fill any hard copy form even if you had to fill any form it be more of soft copy or something you can do online


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