How To Report A Scammer Bank Account In Nigeria

How To Report A Scammer Bank Account In Nigeria

Read my post on how to report a scammer bank account in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, scammers have been on the increase especially through different methods of which they used to extort money from their victims without stress.

Have you ever been scammed? or do you know individuals that have been scammed? have they been trying to report this scammer without any possible approach on how to do this?

We bring you a solution on how to report a scammer bank account in Nigeria especially if you can provide the required details of your transaction all you need to do is to keep on reading.

Whether you’ve been scammed online or offline, most scamming requires the victim to  pay a specific amount to the scammer either for goods or to register for certain services and this has made the process easy because you can get the scammers full name and account details.

For you to register a bank account in Nigeria, you have to provide different means of identification and then an individual can be traced using  all necessary information.

Once you’ve laid a complaint about a scammer his account will be freezed and any day he steps into the bank the police will be alerted and the scammer will be arrested for interrogation.

What do I do if I get scammed?

If you ever get scammed all you need to do is to gather evidences of which you can use when making report. Follow the below guidelines.


Ensure that all that transpired between you and the client are recorded in case of a phone call or screenshot of your conversation as you will need this as evidence sooner or later

Name And Account Details

if you’ve made payment already, it is advisable for you to note the bank name, account holder name and account number

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Keep Transaction Evidence

If you’ve been debited, it is advisable to keep the debit alert as this will contain the time of transaction, amount involved and date

Convert To Hardcopy

All the evidence is you’ve gathered  can be printed out, because you might be asked to provide evidences

Visit Scammers’ Bank

Visit the nearest branch of the bank to which the scammer account is registered and make a complaint to the customer care agent in charge of fraud.

Although the bank might not instantly take action for this but the won’t be able to carry out transactions until after interrogations

Different Legal Authorities To Place Your Report

Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC?

Just like their name states, they handle situations that have to do with financial crime as well as fraud. They are also in the best position to tackle this issue as all you need to do is go locate their office and make your report. Please note that you’ll be asked to show evidences

Nigerian Police Force

The Nigerian police force has a department which is known as the First Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) that handles crimes that pertains to fraud or scam although  they might take a long time of about 3 to 6 months to attend to your issue but they’ll be able to interrogate the scammer and bring the culprits to book.

Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN)

The central Bank Of Nigeria has an advanced fee fraud disclaimer although they are not obliged to solve your problem but they can assist in providing several informations and working hand-in-hand with the EFCC or the Nigerian police force

How to avoid being scammed

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You can avoid being scammed if you can stick to the few guidelines stated below

  • Avoid greed
  • Avoid any form of Ponzi scheme
  • Avoid investment opportunities that promises high return of investment
  • In a case where you don’t trust your other party you can use escrow
  • If the other party is within your vicinity, you can physically meet up to make payment
  • In case where you order certain goods, you can make payments on delivery to avoid any form or scam

How To Contact Your Bank Incase You Want To Make A Complaint

Below are there list of contacts numbers as well as emails of different bank of which can used to make complain in a case where you feel you’ve been scammed apart from this you can physically visit the bank



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