Union bank USSD (How To Activate Union Bank Ussd Code)

Union bank USSD (How To Activate Union Bank USSD Code)

USSD code has been the fastest swift way of carrying out transactions on different banks including Union bank. No one is left out as we bring you the process of how to carry out this transaction without a smartphone or internet connection.

Have you been thinking of a possible way to carry out banking transactions without having a smartphone or without access to an internet connection or do you find it stressful to go visit a bank especially when it comes to joining a queue?

if you have been searching for a solution we bring you how to activate the Union bank USSD code and how you can use this simple magical code to

  • send money to other banks,
  • Pay bills
  • Generate pay code
  • Cardless withdrawal
  • Airtime for self and others
  • BVN, check account number, and also check account balance

from the above listed you can already see the endless possibilities this unique code can bring to your doorstep

How To Activate Your Union Bank USSD

Activating The Union bank USSD code is a stress-free process that can be done in a few minutes without any need to join a queue or fill in too much information. All you need is a mobile number and a number linked to your account and then you’re good to go.

The unique magic code is *826# follow the prompts by providing the available information required and you will be asked to put in your account number as well as create a pin to verify your transactions.

Union banks have made everything easy for their customers and made banking fun instead of the former complex form of banking

Is Activating My Union Bank USSD Free?

If you are worried about asking the above question then the answer is yes, activating Union bank USSD is free you don’t need a dime to perform this transaction as it is a one-time kind of registration.

You will only be charged after you are done with the registration and for every transaction, you carry out  the fee is 6.98 nairas and it is usually from your service provider for granting you access to the magic word which is *826#, and this fee is usually remitted by the bank to the service provider and it excludes the value-added tax, a fee of 0.5 to be charged as value-added tax

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Advantages Of Using The USSD Code

Since Union bank provided the option for the USSD code there’s nothing cannot do without this magical code and here are just a few of the transactions you can carry out

  • Make transfers to Union bank account as well as other banks
  • Buy airtime for self and a third-party
  • Ability to check your account balance and retrieve account number including your BVN
  • Carry out a cardless withdrawal by generating a PIN code
  • Payment of bills such as electricity bills
  • fund bet accounts.

Each of these processes will be explained in detail and how you can go about it using the same USSD code

How To Make Transfer Using The Union Bank USSD Code

To make a bank transfer to a Union bank account all you need to do is to dial *826*1* amount*account number# and follow the prompts. You need to input your pin to authenticate the transaction and while transferring to other banks all you need to do is dial *826*2*amount”account number# andalways remember that will be asked to input your pin

How To Check Account Balance  Using The Union Bank USSD Code

The code also helps you to know what you have in your account especially after carrying out a debit or credit transaction all you need to  do is  to dial *826*4# and your balance will be made available

How To Purchase Airtime Using The Union Bank USSD Code

Union Bank also allows getting airtime for self and also a third party. For yourself just dial *826* amount#  from the number linked to your account but for third-party follow this process by dialing *826″amount*mobile number# and proceed

How To Make Cardless Withdrawal Using The Union Bank USSD Code

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To carry out a withdrawal without your debit card just dial *826*7* amount# from the number linked with your account

How To  Block your account Using The Union Bank USSD Code

In case you need go block your account from your phone number  you can dial *826*6# and if you’re using a third-party phone to block your account *827*the mobile number# this could be as a result of theft or fraudulent activities that you suspect might be going on in your account

How To  Purchase Data Using The Union Bank USSD Code

we all know how data  has become part of our daily activities, therefore you can use the same code to get data dial *826*9#

How To block Union bank Debit Card

If you ever misplace your card and need to block or deny access to anyone trying to take advantage  dial *826*21#  and follow the prompts you can also use it to unblock.


By now you should have known all the benefits you get to enjoy just by using the Union bank magical USSD code and all the transactions you can carry out in a short time without stress just from the comfort of your home

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