How To Activate Gtbank Token

How To Activate Gtbank Token

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Have you been hearing about the GTbank token and you are yet to understand what it means?

Are you In search of a more secure and safe method to carry out your transactions online as a GTbank customer?

If your answer to the above question is yes, congratulations, your search is over as you now have solutions and answers to your questions.

GTbank has provided a reliable and safe method that gives you maximum protection against any form of online theft and fraudsters by revealing the security token that permits you to carry out any transactions including transfers and online payments whenever you use the GTbank  nternet  platform or the mobile banking application and you can use it from anywhere in the world

Before we go further let us know what a token means, when to use this GTbank token, the benefits you can enjoy, and lastly how to activate the GTbank token.

What is the GTbank token?

Generally, a token is usually a small device that is given to a customer of which you can generate a code anytime you need to carry out an online transaction, especially when it has to do with a large volume of money.

This token is automatically linked to your registered account and this means you can’t use another token attached to a different account to carry out transactions on your account.

When do I need to use the GTbank token?

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This security token is always required when you need to perform any of the below-listed forms of transaction

  • Foreign exchange kind of transfers
  • To generate a security code making any type of sale that has to do with foreign exchange
  • Making transfers from your GT account to another account or a different bank and so on

This means that in trying to carry out any of the above transactions you need to validate your transaction by inputting a 6 digit code that can be generated if you tap the white button on your talking hardware

Benefits Of Using The Gtbank Token

There are different benefits you get to enjoy as a GTbank user when you decide to make use of the GTbank token. This token has proven to be safe and secure and is also user-friendly. Here are some of the benefits.

  • You save yourself the stress of using visiting the nearest GTbank  closest to you as you can use your do this from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world
  • Each security token is generated randomly and a third party cannot randomly get this code or carryout transaction without your consent
  • this token is the updated security when it comes to bank technology and it using the uses the 128 bit kind of encryption
  • Ability to make different transactions including transferring money to family and friends just by having a web-enabled mobile phone or a computer as long as you are with your token hardware

How Do I Get My GTbank Token

For you to get your GTbank token you can either follow any of the guidelines listed below.

  • visit any gtbank nearest to you
  • locate the customer care help desk and request your gtbank token
  • You will be asked to fill in certain information and then after submission, you will require to come to pick up your hardware token
  • Secondly, visit the gtbank internet banking website  ad locate the personal banking
  • Request for the form for a security token and download
  • Make sure you provide all the required information and then you can submit it to any GTbank bank nearest to you
  • Your token may probably be given to you immediately or in a few days after which you can now make   progress

How To Activate Gtbank Token

Activating your gtbank token is as easy as possible, and you don’t need to stress yourself carrying out this activity all you need is  just to stick to the listed process below

  • Ensure you have signed up for the GTbank internet banking or you might have registered on the GT mobile banking application.
  • if you’ve done the above you can now log in using your user ID and password
  • from your dashboard locate settings and tap on the help menu that is located on the left side of the banking application
  • You will be required to enter the token identification number which is located at the back of your docking hardware on a white panel
  • it is expected of you to input that talking identification number without including the hyphen and select acknowledged for you to proceed
  • You will receive an SMS from gtbank on the phone number linked to your account with an acknowledged message and congratulation message for completing the process
  • After doing that, you can now officially use your hardware token to carry out any transactions


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If you’ve been searching for ways to which you can activate your gtbank token, before getting to this point that should no longer be an issue as you have all the information you need to activate your GTbank token  including the benefits you get to enjoy when you activate the gtbank token.

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