Cheapest And Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

Cheapest And Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

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Sometimes it can be annoying when you want to make a payment online with your naira debit card and boom, it gets rejected or unapproved.

In fact, this is an issue most Nigerians encounter when making international payments, especially to sites like Amazon, eBay, Netflix, and other platforms you want to purchase something from.

Most Nigerian bank cards don’t work, even with international payment gateways. Plus, the federal government limitation of $100 per month with a Naira card for international payments.

This sometimes limits what we can get and how much of our own money we can spend, as most naira debit cards can only be used to make payments in naira. Hence, the need to get a dollar virtual card comes in.

A Dollar virtual card is best, especially when making international payments online. It’s much easier and you’re not limited. Bear in mind that you can only use this for international payment transactions and not account-to-account transactions.

You can request for this virtual card by walking up to your bank or making use of other mobile banking services providers that offer it.

When getting the dollar virtual cards, lots of things need to be considered or else you will be on the loose side. First, things like transaction fees, dollar rates, and limits, among others, need to be carefully checked. Thus, we decided to walk you through the list of the best naira dollar cards and their providers.

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6 Best And Cheapest Dollar Virtual Cards

Virtual Cards PST.NET

Virtual Cards from PST.NET offer a convenient way to pay for online services worldwide. Those virtual payment cards are issued by trusted US and European banks and offer instant deposit and withdrawal operations. Customers can choose from a variety of card types, including 3D-Secure cards that support for confirmation of transaction via SMS codes.
Getting started with PST virtual cards is pretty easy. New users can secure their first card in just couple of minutes without having to provide any documents. PST.NET cards can be loaded with USDT and BTC, traditional bank cards (Visa, Mastercard), or wire transfers (SEPA, Swift) – in other words PST provide crypto cards without KYC.
There are no spending limits, and no restrictions on the number of cards that can be held as well.
With VISA Platinum Credit cards, 3D-Secure support, and BIN quality monitoring system, PST.NET provide clients with unmatched protection against financial verification issues on all advertising platforms. This eliminates the risk of payment bans for media buyers and affiliate marketers.
PST.NET also offers the best terms available for users who have large spending needs, including 100 free cards for a test, cards from $1 and 2% deposit fee. The platform offers a range of tools for teamwork, including team member management, customizable spending limits, and instant transfers between team accounts. Users also have access to a transaction history for all participants and reports in CSV format.
In conclusion, there is no better payment option than PST.NET virtual cards when it comes to paying for online services and digital advertising. They offer highest level of protection, convenience, and affordability that is unmatched in the market.

Alat Dollar Virtual Card

Wema Alat is a digital sub-banking brand created by Wema Bank Nigeria Plc. Alat offers you a variety of banking options. You can open an account,send and receive money, pay bills, buy data, airtime, and cable subscriptions.

By owning an Alat by Wema account, you can own virtual cards in both naira and dollars by just clicking a few buttons and submitting the right documents.

It’s as simple as that. All you need is to open an account by downloading the app on the play store or app store, signing up with your personal information, bank verification number, email, and valid I.D. (preferably your NIN).

Once you have a sum equivalent to $10 at least, you can get your virtual dollar card. You can make transactions of up to $20,000 with the card, and their naira-to-dollar rates are excellent. Also, you can easily convert dollars back to naira with ease and dollar to naira.

Unfortunately, information reaching us is that Alat has temporarily halted issuance of dollar virtual cards on their app. Once it’s back, we will update you. But for now, you can make use of alternatives.

Barter By Flutterwave

Barter is an international banking and wallet app created by a Nigerian fintech company known as Flutterwaves. The apps allow you to send and receive money from and to anywhere in the world. Aside from that, it also operates as a digital wallet system, so you can fund it through your bank account and use it for making online payments.

Once you have enough money in your barter wallet, you can request dollar virtual cards. A single card only costs you $2, but you need to have at least $5 extra before requesting it. You also pay a $1 monthly charge too. You can make transactions of up to $10,000.

However, barter does not allow payment on betting or gambling sites, money transfer platforms, cryptocurrencies, or online trading.

Wallet Africa Dollar Virtual Card

Wallet Africa is a Nigerian digital money platform which offers you both UBA’s naira and dollar virtual cards. Amazing isn’t? Yeah, it’s a two-in-one platform and can help you make international and local payments with ease.

Having a dollar virtual card with wallet Africa means you pay a fee of $1 every month, 2% to deposit money from an external source and $0.75 on all international transactions.

Go Money Dollar Virtual Card

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Go money is currently one of the best virtual cards provider out there. The Nigerian tech start up offers you dollar virtual cards with ease, plus you can use it for payment anywhere.

To get a dollar card from GO money, all you have to do is download the app on play store or app store, sign up and open a Gomoney account.

Before you are allowed a dollar virtual card, you need to upgrade to level 2. This you can do by just providing some additional details and documents like your bvn, National Id and so on.

Eversend Dollar Virtual Card

Eversend is an Ugandan fintech start up which offers multi-currencies wallet including Nigerian naira. All you have to do is sign up and load your account with a naira card and then request for a dollar card. You pay only $1 for the dollar virtual card, 2% to exchange currencies and $1 monthly for card maintenance.


It can be frustrating not to be able to make international payments online with your bank cards but with a virtual dollar card you can do all without stress.

Pay on amazon, ebay, Netflix, Alibaba and tons of other international platforms. Plus, you are not limited to federal government’s $100/month International transaction with naira cards restriction, as some of these platforms allows you to  transact up to $20,000.

Thank you for reading my post on the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

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