Is GTbank having network issues today 2023?

Is GTbank having network issues today 2023?

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Are you having troubles performing transactions with your GTbank mobile app, internet banking or USSD. Perhaps you are unable to login to your app, the app keeps crashing or is not working like it normally does.

While the issue might be very frustrating for you, there are ways to tell if the problem is coming from your end or from GTbank.

In this post, I am going to be writing about what you can do if you want to know if GTbank is having network issues.

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Let’s get into it then…

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Is GTbank having network issues?

If you can’t login to your mobile app or internet banking, you should check if you are connected to the internet and if your Wi-Fi is working properly.

If everything is working from your end and you still can’t login, then there is a possibility that the GTbank server is down or perhaps too many people are logged in. You can hold on and try at a later time.

If you can’t seem to login to the mobile app and also internet banking, it is possible that the problem is with the GTbank network and maybe they are upgrading their systems.

Usually if GTbank is going through a system upgrade, they will issue a statement via email to their customers, so they will make preparations ahead of time.

If you want to confirm that the problem is not from you, then you can contact any of the GTbank customer care lines, which you can also find on the website:

0700 482 66328

+234 14480000

+234 8029002900

+234 803900 3900

You can as well contact them on twitter to confirm if there is anything wrong with the network


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