Is FCMB having network issues today 2023?

Is FCMB having network issues today 2023?

Read all about FCMB network issues 2023.

If you are having issues with the FCMB mobile app, USSD or internet banking, then it is easy to come to the conclusion that the FCMB network is bad.

While it is not unusual for a bank’s network to be down from time to time, there are certain things you can do, in order to ensure that the problem is not coming from your end.

In this post, I am going to be answering the questions “Is FCMB having network issues today?” and more.

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The FCMB USSD *329# allows you to perform transactions like money transfer, checking account balance, paying bills and more.

If you are having trouble with the FCMB USSD, you have to make sure that you have service on your phone and also make sure you are following the on-screen prompts quickly.

If you have confirmed that the problem is not from your end, then you will have to wait and try at a later time. You can also try using the mobile app or internet banking to complete your transaction.

FCMB mobile app

If you are having troubles logging in to your FCMB mobile app or completing transactions with it, then you will have to check and make sure you are connected to the internet, also check if you have a valid subscription plan.

Sometimes the connection problem might be down to your phone network service provider, so make sure you have service on your phone.

If everything is fine on your end, then you might have to try at a later time, as there might be too many people logged in at that time, which can be as a result of server issues.

You can also try using another means to complete transactions like internet banking and USSD.

FCMB internet banking

As for internet banking, if you are having problems, make sure everything is ok on your end, then you can hold on and try again later, if you are still having issues.

FCMB Transfer issues

If you sent someone money or someone sent you money, and it is yet to reflect on the recipient account, then there might be a problem with the FCMB network.

The only thing you can do is to be patient and see if the money reflects between the next 24 hours. If it doesn’t, you might have to call the FCMB customer care lines or visit the nearest FCMB branch to make a complaint.





If after trying all of the above, you are still having issues, then you might need to contact the FCMB customer support lines, to confirm if they are having network issues.

Usually if FCMB is going through any sort of upgrade, they will let their customers know by sending an email, so you will be prepared on time.

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