How to retrieve/get prepaid meter token from UBA

How to retrieve/get prepaid meter token from UBA

Read all about how to retrieve prepaid meter token from UBA.

UBA which is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria, allows you to pay for electricity from your bank account from the UBA app or from internet banking.

After you have successfully completed the payment, you will be sent the token via SMS or email, which you can load into your meter.

There are rare occasions when after making payment you do not receive the token, and your bank account has already been debited.

There is no need to be alarmed, as you can easily get your token from the UBA customer support by providing them with a few information.

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How to get prepaid meter token from UBA after making payment?

If after making payment for electricity from UBA and being successfully debited without getting your token, then you will have to contact the UBA customer support and provide them with the following details to get your token:

  1. Transaction amount & transaction date
  2. Meter number
  3. Account number

Once you provide the following information, then you should get your token in no time. The only thing you can do is wait.

UBA customer care channels

The following are the different channels you can contact the UBA customer care:


Twitter: @ubagroup

Facebook: Ubagroup

Phone number: +234 01-2808822 +234 01-6319822


As a last resort, you can visit the nearest UBA branch and request for your token by providing the above information and you will get your token or the very least, get your money refunded back to you.

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