How to fund Access bank domiciliary account?

How to fund Access bank domiciliary account?

Read all about how to fund access bank domiciliary account.

A domiciliary account is an account that operates in foreign currency like dollar, pounds, euros etc. When you open a domiciliary account in Nigeria, you will be able to receive money in foreign currency and also save money in foreign currency.

The Access bank Domiciliary Current account is designed to enable you carry out local or international transactions from the comfort of your home, office or abroad. The account is funded in Pounds, Euro, Dollars and Yen.

The account can be opened by Individuals, Business Owners, Small and Medium scale enterprises, corporate organizations.

If you want to know how to fund your Access bank domiciliary account, then you will need to read the following.

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How to fund Access bank domiciliary account?

You can fund your access bank domiciliary account via any one of the following:

Direct deposit

You can get foreign currency notes from any trusted bureau de change operators and take it to the nearest access bank branch and deposit it into your domiciliary account.

You can exchange your naira notes for dollar, euro or pounds and pay it into your Access bank domiciliary account at any access bank branch.

Cash inflow

You can also get foreign currency on your domiciliary account by using it to receive payments from abroad. For example, if you are into any type of online business, you can use your domiciliary account to receive payment.

You can also use your domiciliary account to receive payment from your friends & family members abroad.

About Access bank?

Access Bank today is the largest bank in Nigeria and Africa’s leading bank by customer base.   It is a full service commercial bank operating through a network of more than 600 branches and service outlets, spanning three continents, 12 countries and 36 million customers.

The Bank employs 28,000 thousand people in its operations in Nigeria, Sub Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom, with representative offices in China, Lebanon, India and the UAE.   It continues to look at opportunities to build its network in global trade and payment centers, helping Africa to play its part on the world stage.

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