PalmPay SMS alert (how to receive alert from PalmPay?)

PalmPay SMS alert (how to receive alert from PalmPay?)

Read all about PalmPay SMS alert.

PalmPay is a mobile banking wallet that allows you to earn rewards for completing actions on the app. You can complete actions like money transfer, buying airtime, depositing on your betting platform, paying electricity bill, paying cable bills and many more.

You can download the PalmPay app from Google Playstore or from the iOS app store and you can register on the app by providing the required details.

A lot of people have been searching for how to receive alert from PalmPay, so I decided to write a post on it.

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Let’s get into it then…

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What is SMS alert?

The SMS alert is a message sent to your mobile phone that is linked to your bank account after a transaction has occurred on your bank account.

This means that if money is debited from your bank account, you will receive a corresponding alert, and also if money is credited to your bank account, you will receive a corresponding alert.

All the major banks in Nigeria give you the option of turning on debit alerts, but there is usually a very small fee attached for you to enjoy this service.

How to receive alert from PalmPay?

PalmPay usually doesn’t send SMS alerts to its customers, but if you want to receive alerts when you transfer or receive money, you can turn on notifications for your mobile app.

This way when someone sends you money, you will receive the notification on your mobile phone, the same way you receive social media notifications.

To turn on notifications, you will need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to your device settings
  2. Click on Notifications
  3. Click on App notifications
  4. Select the PalmPay mobile app
  5. Toggle the notifications button ON

NOTE: The above process will differ for different mobile devices, but the idea is very much the same.

Once you turn on Notifications, you will receive an alert for every time there is a debit/credit transaction on your PalmPay account.

PalmPay customer care

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You can contact the PalmPay customer care/support via any of the below channels:


Phone: 018886888


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