Why Is Kuda App Not Working/Opening?

Why Is Kuda App Not Working/Opening?

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Recently, a number of Nigerians are panicking because they are having issues with their Kuda app. Understandably, one has to be scared especially when it comes to money issues. However, Kuda is a fintech company licensed by the CBN which means your money is safe and Kuda is not a Ponzi scheme that would run with your fund.

Kuda is an online bank app that offers financial services to customers like other traditional commercial banks even though it does not have a lot of branches. There are several reasons why your Kuda app is not working/opening, so you just need to be calm to fix it or try again later.

If you want to know the reasons why the Kuda app is not working/opening, then you are at the right post. Let’s get into it.

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Reasons Why Kuda App Is Not Working/Opening

Below are the major reasons why your Kuda app is not working or opening and possible solutions.

Poor Internet Connection

Kuda is an online bank which means you need a good internet connection to access the app. Therefore, if your Kuda app is not working then check your internet connection. The best way to fix it is to turn on and off airplane mode or restart your phone.

App Update

If you can’t access your Kuda app then go to your play store or app store to check for an upgraded version. There is a possibility that the current version installed on your phone is outdated and you need the latest version to access the app.

Kuda App Error

Sometimes, when you are experiencing issues with your Kuda app, there is a possibility that the app is faulty or there is an error. The best way to fix the error is to go to your Kuda app setting and clear all data and cache then log in your details again. However, if the issues persist then you have to uninstall the app from your phone and visit Playstore or app store to download the Kuda app.


If you are installing the app on a phone with very old software below the Kuda Compatibility requirement, the app would not work. Kuda always updates the app to keep bugs away to make the app work smoothly and if you have the app on an old phone. There is a chance that your phone software no longer meets the app requirement.

The faulty is from Kuda

Sometimes, when you can’t access your Kuda app, you don’t have to worry because maybe Kuda Bank is experiencing issues. The faulty can be from their servers and if it is so then all you can do is to wait until the issue is resolved.


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Is Kuda having a problem today?

No, the Kuda app is working fine now but there was a maintenance issue that was resolved.

Is Kuda folding up?

Kuda is an online bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria that is to say Kuda is not folding up and your account is safe and secure. Therefore, you don’t have to panic or believe any false news about Kuda.

Is Kuda bank licensed by the CBN?

Kuda is a digital microfinance bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Conclusion: Why Is Kuda App Not Working/Opening?

Due to the sudden issues from Kuda that have been resolved, many Nigerians that could not access their account were scared. However, the Kuda team has solved the issue and the app is working fine. Please don’t believe any fake news about Kuda folding up.

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