Piggyvest withdrawal issues (Why can’t I withdraw from Piggyvest?)

Piggyvest withdrawal issues (Why can’t I withdraw from Piggyvest?)

Read all about Piggyvest withdrawal issues.

Piggyvest is a savings platform that allows you to save money and earn interest on your savings after a period of time.

On Piggyvest, you can lock your funds for period of time, where you will not be able to access it until the maturity date when you can withdraw to your bank account.

If you are having troubles with withdrawal on Piggyvest, then you will need to read this post, as I will be addressing all withdrawal issues and telling you all you need to know about piggyvest withdrawal.

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How to withdraw on Piggyvest?

There are two (2) wallets you can withdraw from Piggyvest; your Piggybank wallet and your Flex wallet.

To withdraw click on the preferred wallet, select ‘withdraw’, input the amount that you want to withdraw, select the bank account, generate OTP (one time password), input the OTP and click on withdraw.

How Does Piggybank Withdrawals Work?

You can withdraw for FREE only on set free withdrawal dates on your Piggybank wallet.

You can set your own FREE withdrawal dates OR make use of the PiggyVest quarterly fixed FREE withdrawal dates.

After the request has been made, funds will be sent to your bank account, Pocket account, or to your Flex Naira account instantly.

PS: If you decide to set your own FREE withdrawal date, the next available FREE date will be exactly 3 months (90 days) from your last free withdrawal day.

The Piggybank FREE withdrawal days are:

  • 31st March
  • 30th June
  • 30th September
  • 31st December

NOTE: Withdrawals made outside the free Withdrawal dates attract a 2.5% penalty fee of the withdrawal amount.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can withdraw on Piggyvest?

The minimum amount that can be accessed from your Piggybank and Flex Naira wallets is N3000 and N2000 respectively. There is NO maximum, you can withdraw all of your funds whenever

Which banks can I withdraw to from Piggyvest?

You can only withdraw to your bank account. This has to be the same name as your Piggyvest account name.

The bank account you can withdraw is an account whose BVN and full account name matches the one registered on your piggyvest account.

For example, if your bank account name is Ayo Ade, you cannot withdraw to an account with name Shola Ade. Your Piggyvest account may be restricted.

Piggyvest customer care

If you want to contact Piggyvest, you can do that via the following channels:

Email address: contact@piggyvest.com

Phone number: +234 700 933 933 933

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PiggyBankNG/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/piggybankng/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/PiggyBankNG/

About Piggyvest?

PiggyVest is West Africa’s first online “Savings & Investment” app. On the 7th of January 2016, Joshua Chibueze established “Piggybank.ng” as a savings-only platform.

For three years, they solely gave their users a savings feature. Then, in April of 2019, Piggybank changed its name to “PiggyVest” and began providing consumers direct investment opportunities in addition to savings.

After 5 years, Piggyvest has continued to provide exceptional service to its 1,000,000+ consumers, assisting them in managing their finances with ease and transparency. Every month, its users save and invest billions of Naira that they would have spent otherwise.


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