Why Is GTBank App Not Working?

Why Is GTBank App Not Working?

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Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the best commercial banks in Nigeria licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to offer financial services to customers. Recently, a number of Nigerians are panicking because the bank has been having issues with their bank app. This has affected a lot of Nigerians in so many ways and even put some persons into trouble because they can’t access the app when they need to pay for products or goods.

However, on July 12, 2023, GTBank made it known through email that they would be releasing a new and updated version of the GTWorld mobile app to the play store and App Store to service their customer better.

This is the second time this year that GTBank is update their app due to complaints from customers that the app is full of bugs which sometimes lead to unsuccessful transactions.

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However, GTB customers are now voicing out their anger and surprise at not being able to utilize the bank app to complete transactions especially after the bank app was recently updated on May 1, 2023. Do you want to why GTBank App is not working, then you are in the right post. Let’s get started. 

Reasons Why GTBank App Is Not Working/Opening

Below are the major reasons why your GTBank app is not working or opening and possible solutions.

Poor Internet Connection

GTbank is an online banking service that allows you to perform transactions online which means you would need a good internet connection to access the app. Therefore, if your GTBank app is not working ensure to check your internet connection. Sometimes the most efficient way to fix this issue is to turn on and off airplane mode or restart your phone.

App Update

Sometimes if you can’t access your GTBank app ensure to check your play store or app store if there is an updated version. There is a possibility that the bank has released a new app version and discontinued the old version due to bugs. 

GTBank App Error

When you are experiencing issues with your GTBank app sometimes the app may be having errors. Therefore, you need to fix the error by going to the GTbank app setting on your phone and clear all data and cache then logging in your details again. However, if you can’t still log in then you have to delete the app from your phone and visit Play Store or app store to download a new GTBank app.


Every app has its minimum requirement for it to operate on your phone. So, if your phone does not meet the app requirement then the app would not work. Sometimes when people use an outdated app version on their old phone and then download the bank-updated version, they start to have issues with the app.

Maintenance Issue

Sometimes, when you can’t access your GTB app, you don’t have to worry because maybe GT Bank is experiencing issues. The fault might be from their servers which means all you can do is wait until the issue is resolved. 


Is GTBank having a problem today?

Yes, the GTBank app is currently having an issue that is making GTbank customers worried because they can’t access the bank app. However, the bank has assured Nigerians that they would be releasing an updated version soon.

Is GTBank folding up?

GTBank is a commercial bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide financial services to Nigerians that is to say Guaranty Trust Bank is not folding up and your account is safe and secure. Even though the bank is currently having an issue with its bank app, you don’t have to panic the issue would be resolved soon.

Why does my bank app say unavailable?

It means your bank is experiencing connectivity issues. So, you have to wait for a few minutes for the issue to be resolved.

Conclusion: Why Is GTBank App Not Working

Recently, the GTBank app has not been working well which has called a widespread panic among GTbank customers but the bank is working to resolve the issue and has mailed their customers assuring them an updated app version would be released soon.

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