How To Unfreeze/Unlock My OPay Account?

How To Unfreeze/Unlock My OPay Account?

Read all about how to unfreeze/unlock my Opay account.

OPay is a Fintech company that eases mobile transactions through the use of its mobile app. It is an online platform for payments, transfers, loans, saving, and other essential services for every individual.

OPay Digital services limited was initiated by Opera Norway AS group with footprints in emerging markets across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It currently has over 18 million registered app users and 500,000 agents in Nigeria who rely on OPay services to send and receive funds and many more.

If you want to unfreeze your OPay account, then there are procedures you need to follow to get it done. You should know that your account was blocked for a reason, so you might have to provide certain information to unlock the account. This article will discuss how to unfreeze/Unlock My OPay Account.

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Guidelines on how to unfreeze/unlock my OPay Account.

Below are steps on how to unfreeze/unlock my OPay Account.

  • Contact OPay customer representative

First and foremost, if you want to unlock your OPay account, you need to contact the OPay customer care support team. Using their various channel such as Email, in-app support features, or by calling their customer support hotline.

Ensure you provide your account details and the reason for your being frozen so that the customer care agent can assist you in resolving the issue.

  • Submit the required information

In some cases, to unfreeze your account, OPay may require additional information such as proof of address, valid means of identification, and proof of payment for any outstanding debts.

After submitting your details, the OPay agent will review them and take the necessary steps to unlock your account.

Benefits of having an account with OPay

  • Users can purchase airtime and data subscription using the app.
  • You can pay your electricity bill on the OPay app
  • Payment of DSTV, GOTV, and STARTIMES subscriptions can be done on the app.
  • You can send and receive funds to users on the app and also to normal bank accounts.
  • You are allowed to obtain loans by using OKash services.
  • You can invest and gain interest annually with the app
  • You can make money from OPay by becoming an OPay agent.
  • You can easily fund betting platforms through OPay.

How to create an account with OPay

There are different methods for creating an OPay account. below are the steps on how to create an OPay account.

Via OPay APP

  • Download the OPay app on the play store or app store.
  • Open the app and click on create an account
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter the 6-digit code sent to the number
  • Enter your password
  • Pass the face recognition test
  • Select a valid means of identification method and enter the ID number.
  • Fill in your detail to complete the registration.

Via Online

  • Visit on your browser
  • Click on create account
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter the verification code sent to the number.
  • Fill in all the necessary details correctly
  • Select the means of identification method and enter the ID number
  • Set a password to complete the registration.


Why is my OPay account frozen?

In cases of any suspicious transaction or account activities, fraud reports, password, and payment PIN errors, the user’s account is frozen.

How long does it take to unfreeze an OPay account?

After submitting the required information to the OPay customer agent, it takes less than 24 hours to unfreeze your account.

Can I get paid if my account is frozen?

If your OPay account is frozen, you can still receive funds but you can’t withdraw or transfer money from the account until it is unfrozen.

ConclusionHow To Unfreeze/Unlock My OPay Account

OPay will never block your account unjustly except for the following reasons. User accounts are frozen, in cases of any suspicious transaction or account activities, fraud reports, password, and payment PIN errors.

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