How To Link My NIN To My GTBank Account

How To Link My NIN To My GTBank Account?

Nigeria’s apex bank has directed all financial institutions in Nigeria to ensure that every customer links their NIN to their bank account. This initiative is to add another layer of security to the banking world as a result of the rapid increase in cyber crimes and internet fraud.


Therefore, linking your NIN and BVN to your bank account is a crucial regulatory requirement for safeguarding your financial identity. Hence, it will help in reducing the risk of identity theft, fraudulent transactions, and unauthorized access to your bank account. Due to the new initiative from the CBN, many Nigerian banks have indicated February 29, 2024, as a deadline, while others were silent about any deadline.


When this post was written, some banks went further to place restrictions on users who fail to comply with the rules and regulations. Do you want to know how to link NIN to a GTbank account, then you are in the right post. Let’s get started…


What is National Identification Number?

National Identification Number is a set of unique numbers assigned to an individual upon successful enrollment. It consists of an individual’s demographic data and captures including fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial pictures, and digital signatures. Furthermore, it can never be reassigned, given, or used by another person once it is assigned to you.



How To Link My NIN To My GTBank Account

There are several ways to link NIN to the GTbank account. Below are steps on how to link your NIN to your GTbank account.



Send your NIN number, account number, and BVN to the code provider by GTbank.

Via Internet Banking/Mobile App

· Log on to Internet Banking/mobile app with your User ID/Email and password

· Click My Accounts then select NIN Linker

· Duly fill out the form with all the necessary information.

· Follow the instructions and enter the Token code to complete the request.

 Via Bank

Visit the nearest GT bank branch with your NIN Slip.
 Head to the customer care center and inform the customer care representative that you wish to link your NIN to your account
The representative will request your GTBank account Details (account name, account number, and BVN) and NIN slip to make a copy.
Wait patiently for the representative to process your application.
Once your NIN is linked, you will be notified that you have successfully linked your NIN to your GTBank account.



How do I change my NIMC profile?

you need to visit the enrollment center with the necessary documents to be able to modify your profile. You would be asked to pay a fee before you can change your information on the NIMC database.

Can NIN be done twice?

No, no individual can have two NINs. NIN is unique, it can’t be reassigned, or given to someone else. However, if there is any error or misinformation then you can visit the enrollment center to update your details.

Can I use my NIN to fly?

Yes, you can use your NIN to book a domestic flight in Nigeria. Even though some airlines might require additional information, others just need only your NIN.


Conclusion: How To Link My NIN To My GTBank Account

If you have not linked your NIN to your GTBank Account, you need to do so to avoid any restrictions on your account. Furthermore, you can also link your NIN to your GTbank account from home through Email. If you receive any mail from GTbank then click on the link and provide all the necessary information.

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