How to block FCMB atm card

How to block FCMB ATM card

There are scenarios where you might have heard or seen people’s accounts tampered with using their ATM card and thoughts of how you can avoid this incident from reoccurring might cross your mind.

This article contains all you need to know about blocking your FCMB ATM card from any form of illegal or unauthorized transactions by third parties without your consent.

Our focus today is on the FCMB ATM card and how you can block it, before then here are a few things you need to know about FCMB bank.

First City Monument Bank popularly known as FCMB is a member of FCMB Group PLC with headquarters in Lagos, they handle retail banking, investment banking, commercial banking, and wealth management with over 3,000 plus employees as of 2020.

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How to block my fcmb ATM card

  • USSD code method
  • FCMB mobile banking application
  • FCMB official website
  • Direct contact
  • Using another mobile phone

There are different methods you can use to block your fcmb ATM card, and below is how to achieve it

How to block FCMB ATM card using USSD code

The USSD code seems to be the best way when it comes to access bank features from the comfort of your mobile phone and this method once again is still relevant. all you to do is follow the below guidelines

  • Dial the unique FCMB USSD code which is *329#
  • Select FCMB self-service
  • Select block account
  • Follow the prompts

How to block FCMB ATM card using the mobile application

If you have a smartphone you can always download the FCMB mobile application on the Google Play Store or the Apple store and with this mobile application you can still use it to block your FCMB ATM card following the below processes

  • Download the FCMB mobile application from the Play Store or Apple store
  • Log in your details
  • Click on the service option
  • Select the hotlisting card option
  • Select ATM card
  • Give your reasons why you want to block your ATM card
  • Confirm the process

How to block FCMB ATM cards through their official website

Apart from the mobile Bank application USSD code, you can also block your ATM card true FCMB official website if you follow these guidelines

  • Firstly you need to visit their online website using this link
  • Ensure you log in with your account ID and password
  • Find the option that gives access to blocking your ATM card
  • Follow the due process

How to block FCMB ATM card by direct contact

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If you’ve tried the above listing method you can also try to contact them directly the through the social media handles or on WhatsApp or through direct calls below are the details needed to contact the customer care unit

Call: You can contact the FCMB customer care unit via al call to the FCMB helpline – (01) 279 8800

Email: via

WhatsApp: by sending messages on Whatsapp to these numbers you can also block your FCMB ATM card (+234) 09099999815 or (+234) 09099999814

Official Social media handles for FCMB customer unit



Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I block my FCMB ATM card from another person’s phone

This may sound unbelievable but FCMB has provided this option for its customers to be able to block their FCMB ATM card from another mobile.

Especially in a case where they misplaced their ATM card and maybe misplaced their phone they could just get another mobile phone and dial this code *329*911# and then they can follow the prompts by inputting their account number and follow the necessary procedures

Why do I need to block my FCMB ATM the card?

There are so many reasons why you need to block your FCMB ATM card and below are some of these reasons listed

  • In case of theft
  • In cases where you misplace your ATM card
  • If you feel your account has been tampered with by a third party
  • If you input your card details in a platform where you are not comfortable with

How Can I unblock my FCMB ATM card after blocking?

Once you block your FCMB ATM card, the  way to unblock it is to visit the nearest FCMB branch close to you and request a new debit card.

This is because by blocking your ATM card, you have authorized the bank to condemn the old card which means you have to request a new card


Finally, it is advisable to take the necessary action to block your FCMB ATM card once you feel your ATM card is not safe, especially due to loss or theft.

It is better to block it to avoid funds in your account being stolen by fraudsters. After blocking your FCMB ATM card you can visit the bank  for the next step to safeguard your account



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