How to buy data on UBA?

How to buy data on UBA?

Read all about how to buy data on UBA.

Having data on your phone allows you to surf the internet and keep in touch with your friends and family members online.

Back in the days, you had to go to a retail store and purchase airtime, then using it to purchase a data plan from your preferred service provider. These days, you can easily buy data, buy airtime from your phone with the touch of a few buttons

UBA, which is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria has provided the means for you to easily buy data from your bank account.

In this post, I am going to be showing you how to buy data from UBA from your phone in just a few minutes.

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How to buy data on UBA mobile app?

You can easily purchase data directly from your UBA mobile app. You will need to download the app from Google playstore or iOS app store, if you don’t already have it.

Login to the app using your phone number and password, then click on BANKING, click on DATA & MOBILE TOP-UP, select your network provider and you will be able to see the different data plans available and how much they cost.

Input the phone number you want to send data to, select your desired data plan and CONTINUE. Your bank account will be deducted of the cost and you will be sent the data.

The UBA mobile app also allows you to perform other transactions like paying for DSTV/GOTV, paying electricity bills, paying for flight tickets, checking bank account balance, viewing bank statement and many more.

How to buy data with UBA USSD?

The UBA USSD *919# allows you to buy airtime, check bank account balance, pay DSTV/GOTV, transfer money and many more.

You cannot directly buy data with the USSD, but you can purchase airtime and convert it to data using your network provider short code.

To buy airtime, dial the USSD code *919*Amount# i.e. if you want to buy 200 naira airtime, you will have to dial *737*200#.

If you are buying airtime for a friend, then you will have to dial *919*Amount*Phone number# i.e. if you are buying 200 naira airtime for a friend with phone number 08012345678, then you will need to dial *919*200*0812345678#

About UBA?

UBA has been offering outstanding services to African households, businesses, and societies since 1949.

Following Nigeria’s independence from the United Kingdom, UBA was formed on February 23, 1961, to take over BFB’s operations. In 1970, UBA became the first Nigerian bank to list its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, becoming the first Nigerian bank to do so (IPO).

In 2007, UBA completed another successful joint public offering rights issue and acquired three liquidated banks: City Express Bank, Metropolitan Bank, and African Express Bank


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