How to check BVN on Opay?

How to check BVN on Opay?

Read all about how to check BVN on Opay.

The bank verification number is an 11 digits’ number that is unique to all bank account owners, and it is usually linked to all of your bank accounts. It was introduced by the central bank of Nigeria to curtail and monitor financial crime, fraud & theft.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 different bank accounts in 10 different banks, you can only have one BVN, which will be linked to all your bank accounts.

There are many reasons you may need to know your BVN number, and if you don’t have it written down, then you can always check it at any time.

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How to check BVN on Opay?

To check BVN on Opay you can do that via USSD or on the Opay app.


To check your BVN via USSD, you will need to dial *565*0# from the phone number registered with your bank account, and your BVN will be displayed.

You should also know that this cost 20 naira i.e. you need to have at least 20 naira in your balance for this to work.

Mobile app

To check on the Mobile app, you will need to login to the app with your user details, click on the profile icon on the top left corner of the app, then click on SHOW MORE and your BVN will be displayed.

About Opay?

Opay is an e-payment platform that is owned by Opera software company (the developers of the popular Opera mini browser). On Opay, you can make payments for goods and services using just your mobile phone.

The Opay app is available for download on the android playstore, and you can then begin making payments, paying bills and receiving money on your mobile phone.

Opay customer care

0700 8888328



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