Dotpay POS (Requirements, How To Get, Charges, and More)

Dotpay POS (Requirements, How To Get, Charges, and More)

Dotpay is an agency banking provider owned by Changan RTS Microfinance Bank with the aim of helping millions of under-banked Nigerians to access secure and convenient banking. Unlike other banking agencies like OPay, and Readycash which have gained popularity in Nigeria and have many cashout points, Dotpay is new and is not popular in Nigeria but in time it would gain a name for itself.

Dotpay POS device allows individuals to carry out cash withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and interbank transfers within their locality without visiting any bank branch. It is one of the most affordable POS devices in the market whether you want to run a commercial POS business or used it for your existing business as a mode of payment.

If you want to know about Dotpay POS, how to get a Dotpay Pos, its requirements, and its charges, then you are in the right post. Let’s dive in.

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Dotpay POS Requirements

Below are certain criteria you have to meet before you can be eligible to get a Dotpay Pos Agent.

  • You must be 18 years or above
  • You must have a valid means of information such as a national ID, voter’s card, international ID, and driver’s license.
  • You must provide a valid BVN
  • You must provide one passport photograph
  • You must provide a recent utility bill
  • You must have a strategic location
  • You must have some start-up money.

How To Become a Dotpay POS Agent

Below are steps on how to become a dotpay POS Agent.

  • Firstly visit any Dotpay office close to you
  • Request for the agent form
  • Duly fill out the form and submit it with the required document
  • Ensure to pay the small token that you be charged by Dotpay.

However, you can call Dotpay customer care representative line for more information.

How To Get a Dotpay POS Device

As a Dotpay agent, you are charged a sum of N20,000 as a caution fee to get a Dotpay POS device while aggregators will charge you between N25, 000 to N35, 000 for registration and logistics. After a successful payment, the pos machine would be issued by the company aggregators in your state.

Dotpay POS Commission Charges

1,000 charge is N5

2,000 charge is N10

3000 charge is N15

4000 charge is N20

5000 charge is N25

6000 charge is N30

7000 charge is N35

8000 charge is N40

9000 charge is N45

10000 charge is N50

20000 charge is N100

However, you will get a 1% commission on bill payments and deposit N25 flat rate.



How do I get a dot POS machine?

Firstly, you have to become a Dotpay POS agent by completing the form and submitting the required document. Secondly, you need to pay the caution fee, registration fee, and logistics to get the POS machine.

How much does a POS agent make in Nigeria?

On average, a POS agent in Nigeria can make N100,000 to N250,000 monthly depending on their location and the trust they must have built with customers around them.

Which POS is the best in Nigeria Now?

Top 10 best POS in Nigeria

  • Paga
  • Palmpay
  • Firstmonie
  • Acess Closa
  • FCMB
  • GTexpress
  • Baxi
  • Orange
  • Quickteer Paypoint
  • Moniepoint.


Conclusion: Dotpay POS (Requirements, How To Get, Charges, and More)

Dotpay Pos is not as common as other banking agency providers in Nigeria but it has the potential to compete with other popular POS providers in time. Moreover, the commission is fair and the network speed is great, therefore it is advisable to get a Dotpay Pos.

Thank you for reading this post and I hoped you were able to get a lot of helpful information. Please share with your friends and family and also drop us a comment or suggestion.


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