How To Change UBA Phone Number/Alert Number

How To Change UBA Phone Number/Alert Number?

Is it possible to link a new phone or alert number to my UBA account? How much does it cost to change my UBA phone number? Can I change my alert number online.

All these and other questions are probably the reasons that got you on this page.

If you lost your phone or no longer make use of the phone number you linked to your UBA account and wants to change to a new number, this article is a solution to your worries.

A linked phone or alert number is where bank transaction notifications are sent. So it’s a very confidential thing, and I believe you wouldn’t want a stranger to have access to your bank account(s). So you should make it a priority to keep it safe.

Apart from receiving bank notifications, the number is also used for bank transactions using USSD codes. With this being mentioned, it’s important that you keep your bank phone/alert number safe and secure.

If you no longer use your UBA linked phone or alert number due to either theft or private reasons, the very first thing you need to do is find a way to remove that number and link a new one which you now use so as to receive bank and transaction notifications on it.

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Can I Change My UBA Phone Number/Alert Number?

Why not? You can change your alert number anytime you want without being queried by the bank management.

Every bank has it already. You may want to change it for a reason or due to phone theft, so there is room for that. You can even change at intervals.

How Much Does Changing My UBA Alert Number Cost?

It costs nothing, as you are not asked to pay a dime to have your alert number changed to a new one for you. This is not limited to UBA alone. No bank in Nigeria charges you for that.

How Do I Change My UBA Phone Number/Alert Number?

To change your UBA alert number, you need to visit the closest UBA branch near you.

There you will be given a form to fill in. It’s called an alert or an account update form. You fill up everything, including the new number you wish to link to your account.

Once you’ve submitted the form, the bank will update your account immediately. But sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to be fully effective.

Requirements Needed To Change UBA Phone/Alert Number

New Phone Number

Since you want your bank notifications to be sent to a new phone number, when you get to the bank to make the change, you should endeavor to give the bank your new phone number.

Old Alert/Phone Number

Take note that you will be asked to provide this also. It helps them confirm the account belongs to you before removing it to add a new number.

Account Number

If you are no longer using your old phone number, at least you should have your UBA account number offhand or written down in documents. When you head to the bank for your change, you are going to need it to prove the account is yours.

Bank Name

Here you must fill in your bank name exactly the way it is. Your bank account name in full.

How Long Will It Take To Start Using My New Alert Number For Bank Transactions?

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That should happen shortly after you submit the form you filled out to customer care unit at the bank. However, due to banking network and switch glitches, it may take up to 24 hours. Note that no SMS will be sent to notify you immediately. It will just start working automatically.

Can I Change My UBA Alert Number Online?

Unfortunately, it’s a no! It cannot be done online. You have to visit the nearest UBA branch in your locality in order to do that.


There is actually no way to change your UBA phone number online. Unless it’s an online mobile banking account like Kuda, Palm Pay, or Opay.

All you need to do is to visit a UBA bank branch to get that done for you. Nevertheless, because we mentioned that you can easily change your UBA account phone number, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it saved.

It’s actually an asset that, if care is not taken, might cost you money.


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