What is Ledger balance in Zenith bank?

What is Ledger balance in Zenith bank?

Read all about What is Ledger balance in Zenith bank.

So, a lot of people have been asking what the meaning of the Ledger balance that is usually seen when you check your account balance on the Zenith bank app.

I decided to answer the question with a post, and I am going to try to make it very simple, so you can easily understand it.

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What is Ledger balance?

The Ledger balance is the remaining balance at the end of the business day, as well the starting balance at the beginning of the next business day.

What is available balance?

The available balance is the amount that is available for withdrawal at any given moment in time.

The above definitions seem pretty straightforward, but I am going to try and simplify it in the below heading.


What is Ledger balance in Zenith bank?

When you see Ledger balance amount in your Zenith bank account, it means that this is the amount that you currently have in your account, but you may not yet have access to all of it.

This is usually as a result of unprocessed transactions that have occurred on your bank account. Once these unprocessed transactions have been completed, it will then become your available balance.

For example, someone sends 3,000 naira to your Zenith bank account, and it is shown in your ledger balance, but you can’t withdraw the money.

This is because, Zenith bank has confirmed that the transaction took place, but has not yet received the value of the amount, hence it will be in your ledger balance until it has been fully processed.

Another example is if you paid for something via POS, WEB or ATM and although the money has been debited from your account, it might still show up in your ledger balance, if the transaction has not been fully processed.

Zenith bank customer care

You can contact the Zenith bank customer care via the following channels:

234- 1- 2787000



About Zenith bank?

Zenith Bank Plc was founded in May 1990 and began operations as a commercial bank in July of the same year. Following a highly successful Initial Public Offering, the Bank became a public limited company on June 17, 2004, and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on October 21, 2004. (IPO).

Zenith Bank Plc has around one million shareholders and is Nigeria’s largest bank by tier-1 capital. The Bank listed $850 million worth of its shares on the London Stock Exchange in 2013, at a price of $6.80 per share (LSE).

Zenith Bank Plc, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, has approximately 500 branches and business offices in important commercial centers around the country, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


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