GTbank mobile banking registration (Getting started)

GTbank mobile banking registration (Getting started)

Read about Gtbank mobile banking registration.

Back in the days when you wanted to perform simple banking transactions like sending money, transfer money, checking your current account balance, checking account statement etc., you usually had to visit the banking halls.

These days banking has evolved, and many of the transactions that would have required you visiting the bank is no longer so.

GTbank is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria and over the years they have set the pace for modern banking in Nigeria, by creating many forms of carrying out banking transactions without you visiting the bank.

GTbank mobile banking is one of the modern ways of banking that allows you perform transactions like checking account balance, viewing account statement, pay bills, buy airtime etc.

In this blog post am going to show you GTbank mobile registration, how to get started using the GTbank mobile app, how to register and start using the GTbank app.

If you are interested in learning this, you are in the right place, am going to show you a step by step process.

Let’s get to it, make sure you read till the end….

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What is GTbank mobile banking?

GTbank mobile banking is a way with which GTbank customers can have access to financial services from their phone, thereby reducing the need for them to visit the bank.

With the GTbank mobile banking, you have at least 70% control of your account, you can check your account balance, view your statement of account, make credit and debit transactions.

All this is done via the GTbank app which you can get from Google playstore (for android users), applestore (for iPhone users), windows store (for windows phone users).

Gtbank mobile banking registration

Features of the GTbank mobile app

  1. Check balance
  2. Stop or confirm cheques
  3. Purchase airtime (Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, MTN, Visafone)
  4. Purchase both domestic and international flight tickets.
  5. Pay bills (Dstv, Lekki concession commission (LCC) toll, PHCN, Swift Networks).
  6. Transfer money – Own account, other GTbank accounts, NIP & NEFT to other banks.
  7. PIN & Fingerprint authorization.
  8. Send emergency cash via cashout.

GTbank mobile banking registration (How to register for GTbank mobile banking)

Before you can go ahead and start registration, there are some things you need:

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Requirements to use GTbank mobile banking

  1. You will need a GTbank naira debit card or credit card.
  2. Your email address registered with GTbank
  3. A smartphone is required (Android, iPhone etc.)
  4. You will also need internet connection to register.
  5. Your phone number should be connected to your GTbank account

Once you have the above requirements, you can go ahead to registering for Gtb mobile banking by following the below step by step process:

  1. Download the GTbank mobile app on Google playstore for android users, Apple store for iPhone users, windows store for Windows users and install it on your mobile phone.
  2. Launch the app on your phone. The first window you will see on your mobile phone is the login page, click on sign up just under the login form.
  3. Input your GTbank account number and click CONTINUE.
  4. After you input your GTbank account number, GTbank will send you a six-digit PIN password to your email address or mobile phone number that is linked to your bank account.
  5. You will need to confirm the PIN within one hour after receiving it.
  6. Type in the sent code on the input box labelled OTP
  7. Type in ATM card PIN on the input box labelled CARD PIN then click CONTINUE.
  8. The next step is for you to authorize the use of GTbank mobile app on your phone.
  9. You will also need to choose a transaction authentication method i.e. the method with which your transactions can be validated by you. You can either choose PIN or TOKEN, it is advisable you choose a PIN and set a PIN that will be easy for you to remember.
  10. The next window is where you will have to agree an indemnity form. Just check all.
  11. You will need to enter your GTbank mobile banking details
  12. On the next page, you will need to enter your transaction PIN and confirm it. This PIN is what you will use when you want to transfer money, buy airtime, pay bills etc.
  13. The next step is to type in the last 6 digits of your ATM card, i.e. the last 6 digit of the number written on your ATM debit or credit card.
  14. Type in the EXPIRY date of the card.
  15. Type in the card PIN.
  16. Click CONTINUE
  17. GTbank will send you another OTP to either your phone and email address that is linked to your account number.
  18. Type in the OTP in the space labelled OTP
  19. Click CONTINUE and your registration will be complete for GTbank mobile banking.

Congratulations, now you will be able to use GTbank mobile banking, and perform banking transactions anywhere you are, anywhere in the world.

You can also register for GTbank mobile banking by visiting the nearest GTbank branch and fill an online application form, you will get the personal code for verifying of your registration on the GTbank website.

If you follow the above steps for GTbank mobile registration, there will be no need for you to visit the bank for any reason at all.

If you run in to any problems, you can always contact the GTbank customer care.

GTbank customer care

234 700 4826 66328

234 1448 0000

234 802 900 2900

234 803 900 3900

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Now that you are done reading my post on GTbank mobile banking registration, I hope you now understand how to register for GTbank mobile banking.

If you have questions, you can leave them below in the comments section and I will tend to them as soon as I can.

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