How to reverse airtime purchased from the bank

How to reverse airtime purchased from the bank

Read my post on how to reverse airtime purchase from the bank.

Buying airtime these days has become a normal day-to-day activity and because of how technology has evolved most people tend to always buy airtime directly from their bank and very few will want to buy airtime from a retail shop.

From the comfort of your home or from anywhere in Nigeria you can purchase airtime from your bank using your mobile application or by using the USSD code and this platform has made it very easy because you can do it at any time of the day.

This method of purchasing airtime is always fast, convenient, and also reliable, especially in times of emergency.

If you have been purchasing airtime through your bank account either by using a USSD code or mobile Bank application and made the mistake of recharging above your budget you know how painful it is, especially when you have the fear that there is no way you can reverse this transaction.

Sometimes while trying to recharge 500 naira you end up recharging 5000 naira. Maybe because of an extra zero, now imagine yourself in this case what do you do with the remaining 4500 naira? this is where the thought of how you can reverse airtime purchase comes to play.

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Is it possible to reverse the airtime purchase?

It is possible to reverse airtime purchases on any network be it MTN, Glo, airtel, or Etisalat and it doesn’t matter the bank you are using or the type of account be it a savings or current account as far as you can purchase airtime using your registered mobile number from your bank you can as well make a request to reverse your airtime purchase.

Method of reversing my airtime purchase

There are a few methods which you can use to be able to reverse your purchased airtime these methods are effective if you do it instantly although sometimes it may take longer for your airtime to be reversed

  • Visit your nearest bank branch
  • Contact customer care

Each of these methods will be discussed in detail. All you need to do is to relax and keep reading because we have provided solutions for you.

There are other ways you can also convert your airtime to cash in cases where you cannot make a reversal but for the sake of this article we are only showing you how you can revise your airtime purchase and this is done with your bank

Visit your nearest bank branch

There are many Bank branches closest to you and you have the right to always visit them at any time within their working hours and also to place your complaint as long as you have an account with them.

If the airtime you purchase is still intact your bank can help you to reverse that airtime purchase. Most times the tendency of getting your airtime reverse may be low and may take a longer time but once you can give the necessary answers to all the questions you have a high chance of getting a refund.

Since these banks can give you access to purchase airtime you can also get access to make a refund maybe you recharged through a USSD code or the mobile bank application or whatever means once you can answer the necessary questions and provide the necessary details needed you to have chances of getting a refund

Contact customer care

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Once you notice you bought airtime above your budget all you need to do is to contact customer care, that should be the first step to take. This has proven to be helpful over time as they can be able to render help to you in reversing whatsoever amount of airtime you purchase.

You can always find your customer care details on your ATM card for any bank and you’ll be asked several questions as it relates to the account, the amount purchased, and other things.

Do not be offended by these questions as they need to get full details and make verifications before they can help in trying to reverse the airtime purchase.

It is also advisable to give them accurate answers and ensure you’ve not used the airtime that you purchased earlier so they’ll be able to refund it without you tampering with it

Please always ensure you request for reversed airtime purchased from the mobile number linked to your account as you cannot request from a third party mobile number and when making a complaint go to your bank, it’s not possible to make a transaction using XYZ bank and go to make a complaint at ABC bank.

How do I avoid purchasing airtime above my budget

  1. Always cross-check the amount you’re recharging before completing the transaction
  2. Ensure you’re not in a rush, take your time to avoid you regretting your action
  3. In cases where you want to purchase airtime for a third party, make sure you input the correct number by either copying and pasting the number directly to avoid mistake
  4. It’s advisable to make a complaint from the mobile number linked to your account number


When you have a problem requesting a reverse airtime purchase, always have in mind that this has nothing to do with your network provider.

In cases like this the best place to visit is always your bank and with all the steps listed above you can now request for reversal for all airtime purchased with ease

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