How to change Gtbank phone number/alert number

How to change GTbank phone number/alert number

Read all about how to change GTbank phone number/alert number.

Do you know you can change the phone number attached to your GTB account? Have you been in a situation where you need to change the number linked to your account due to losing your SIM card as a result of theft or misplacement?

We bring you a step-by-step guide on how to change your guaranty trust Bank phone number or alert number.

The banking sector in the world including Nigeria has used the internet to great advantage by ensuring they make banking easy and convenient for their users.

In doing this they have provided the USSD code option mobile banking application and also internet banking where you can carry out transactions from the comfort of your home without any need to visit any bank branch all you need is your mobile phone or smartphone.

Your phone number plays a vital role when it comes to banking because without these phone numbers you cannot carry out banking transactions like making transfers buying airtime paying bills receiving bank notifications, especially credit and debit transactions, or checking your balance therefore it is important to link your phone number to your bank account

Why do I need to change my GTbank phone number or alert number

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There might the many reasons why you need to change the phone number attached to your bank account, although it might be for personal reasons but they are certain reasons why people tend to change theirĀ  alert number and here are a few of those reasons

  • In a case where you don’t usually get an alert either for credit or debit transactions especially when these messages are important in verifying your transactions
  • Your SIM card might have some issues that may be technical and might have tempered with the chip which may have condemned the SIM card
  • In case of loss, may be at the time you created that account the phone number attached to it wasn’t yours or you could not remember or might have misplaced that SIM card
  • For personal reasons such as not enjoying the services provided by a particular network provider and you decided to use another network provider

What requirements do I need to possess before I can change my GT bank alert number

  • GT Debit card
  • Internet connection
  • Smartphone
  • New Mobile number
  • Email address

How to change my GTbank phone number?

There are different methods you can use when it comes to changing your phone number or alert number. This method will be listed and explained in great detail. All you need to do is to relax and keep reading as a solution to your problem has been found.

  • Internet banking
  • ATM terminal
  • Contact GT connect
  • Visiting nearest gtbank branch

some of his methods allow you to also update your email address

With the different methods listed above, you can pick any of them that is more convenient for you. Let’s go into detail about each of the methods

Internet banking

  • Visit the official GT website
  • Login using your user ID and password
  • Select the menu icon and the drop-down menu will be displayed
  • Select the option that says self-service
  • Locate customer information update and tap on it
  • Select the option new request
  • Provide details of your account
  • Select the update type it can be your email address or mobile number or both
  • You will be asked to provide the old and a new number
  • Answer the secret questions for authentication And please cross-check the details before proceeding
  • A token code will be sent to you
  • Insert the code and click on submit

Once you are done with this process you can now receive a large transaction on your new number without stress

ATM terminal

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In a case where you don’t have a smartphone but have a debit card, you can always visit the nearest ATM terminal to update your phone number

  • Visit the nearest gt bank ATM terminal
  • Insert your card
  • Input your pin and proceed
  • Locate perform other transaction
  • Select more services
  • Select update phone number
  • Enter your mobile number and proceed
  • Enter pin and proceed
  • Confirm update

Contact GT connect (customer care)

This is simple and easy. All you need to do is to send a letter that is brief and simple by telling them what you want, specify if it’s your email or phone number that you want to update, or both.

You will be asked a few questions for you to answer before you can proceed and you can always contact them via social media handles or through the mobile banking application.

Visiting nearest gtbank branch

Although this is more of the last option because you need to physically visit the nearest bank and lay your complaint at the helpdesk.

Make sure you go with a valid means of identification such as a national identification number, voter’s card, driver’s license, or international passport. You’ll be asked to fill out a form before your request will be attended to.


lastly, all the methods in this article have proven to tackle the problem of how to change your mobile number we hope this will be your last bus stop when it comes to finding solutions on how to change your GT bankĀ  phone number or alert number


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