How To Open Bank Account Without BVN In Nigeria

How To Open Bank Account Without BVN In Nigeria

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Opening a bank account these days is not something you need to use your BVN, as different banks have made provisions and several options, especially for those yet to get their BVN.

Have you been searching for how to open a bank account without BVN in Nigeria? You probably might not know that it is possible to have an account without a BVN, except that you might be limited to certain features. You may not carry out many transactions compared to an individual with a BVN.

Most people are usually scared to give out their BVN as they are scared of being exposed to scammers or fraudulent activities. Still, your BVN is just detailed information about you using unique digits.

There are two significant ways you can use to open a bank account without a BVN, and we will be listing the two ways and how you can go about it. All you need to do is ensure that, with time, you should be able to update your BVN if you want to enjoy the benefits of having an account.

If you have to visit the bank physically, you will need to use your BVN to open a bank account, and then, without a BVN, the process of making a withdrawal may not be possible.

In a case where you don’t connect your BVN to your account, this means that your account is limited to just 50,000 nairas at a single deposit as well as a maximum balance in your account.

The two significant ways to open an account without BVN are

  • Via USSD code
  • Online version or via mobile banking application

Ussd Code

to open an account using the USSD code, you should know that different banks have their unique USSD code, which you can use to open a bank account.

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Requirements To Opening A Bank Account Without BVN Using USSD Code

There is no specific requirement apart from the below listed.

  • Mobile number
  • Mobile phone
  • Personal details

These are just the primary things you need if you want to create an account using USSD code. I will be listing different USSD codes for various banks, and once you dial any of the codes, depending on the bank, there’s always an option to create an account.

Dial any of the codes and tap on the option to create an account  by filling in the necessary information, and in a few moments, your account number will be forwarded to you

USSD Codes For Different Banks In Nigeria

The USSD codes listed are for different banks, depending on any bank of your choice.  Dial the code and follow the prompt that says create an account or open an account

  • Access (Diamond) Bank — *901#
  • EcoBank — *326#
  • Fidelity Bank — *770#
  • First Bank — *894#
  • First City Monument Bank (FCMB) — *389*214#
  • Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) — *737#
  • Heritage Bank — *322*00#
  • JAIZ Bank — *389*301#
  • Keystone Bank *7111# —
  • Polaris Bank *833#—
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank *909#—
  • Sterling Bank — *822#
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA) — *919#
  • Union Bank — *826#<
  • Unity Bank — *7799#
  • Wema Bank — *945#
  • Zenith Bank — *966#

Online Account Or Via Mobile Banking App

The second option, to open an account online, doesn’t take much time, and you need to download the mobile banking application of any bank of your choice from the Google Play Store or Apple store or visit their online website to create an account.

You will always see an option for you to create an account or to log in. Before then, you will need to provide some requirements before you can proceed

Requirements for opening a bank account without BVN online or via a mobile banking app

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Some items will be required during the process of registration, for instance, you may be asked to take an instant picture of yourself during registration, but there are other requirements

  • Valid Id card
  • Passport
  • Mobile number
  • Smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Image of your signature

Online portals for a few banks to create an account without BVN

If you decide to create a bank account online, you can always follow these links and be directed to the official page, where you can sign up for an account. below are links to their website

What is the advantage of opening an account without BVN

The advantage of opening  a bank account online or via the USSD code without your BVN is that it gives you the overhead edge and also saves you the stress of going to queue up in the bank to register an account

By doing this, it means you have already done a few steps ahead, and when you go to the bank, all you need to do is to add your BVN and do particular upgrades on your account, and whatsoever limitation that is on your report will be removed instantly

What is the disadvantage of opening an account without BVN

They are particular features you might be limited to if you open an account without a BVN; whether by using the USSD code or via the online platform, or through the mobile application, you might not be able to carry out certain transactions more than a certain amount and then your account is more likely only to receive funds, buy, airtime, and transfer of funds.

The process of making withdrawals is limited, and you’ll be asked to update your BVN before you can enjoy order benefits and also lives there limitations on this account


Opening a Nigerian bank account without BVN can save you stress and make it very easy.

But if you want to enjoy your account and carry out other transactions without limitations, then you will need to visit the bank to add up your BVN.


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