Pocket App by PiggyVest (All you need to know)

Pocket App by Piggyvest (All you need to know)

Pocket by Piggyvest, formerly known as the Abeg app, is a socio-commercial, saving and payment platform.

What is Pocket By PiggyVest?

Pocket by piggyvest is a fintech platform and application owned by piggytech Nigerian Limited. It was named Abeg App before Piggytech Company acquired it and renamed it Pocket by Piggyvest. It is approved by the central bank to operate as a mobile money platform.

What You Can Do With Pocket By PiggyVest?

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It might interest you to know that you can actually do a lot with pocket app. In fact, almost all payments online can be transacted with the app. Here are some of the things you can do with a pocket by piggyvest account.

Send And Receive Money

You can send and receive payments with your pocket account. Be it from your pocket account to another pocket account or from your pocket account to a local bank account, Plus, you can also fund your account from your bank account as well as withdraw from your pocket account to your bank account.

Payment of Bills Online

The Pocket app can be used to pay many bills online. Bills for electricity, cable subscriptions, water bills, data subscriptions, recharge cards, sports betting, and so on.You can pay for all these at ease and reduce the service fee.

Purchase Goods or Hire Services

Besides being just a payment platform, it also operates as an eCommerce platform. You can buy many things on the app. Just head to the search bar and search for any product you would love to buy or services you want to hire. It will display a variety of products and services you can buy or hire on the app and how to purchase them from different vendors.

If you are to search for a hairdressing service, you will find a list of available stylist you can hire to do your hair. Also, if it’s clothes, you will see a list of vendors you can buy from. The available goods will also be displayed.

Sell Products or Advertise Your Service

The Pocket app can also be used to improve your business or services. Thus, bringing you more customers and more sales. The app is unique in such a way that it charges no commission or pay at all from sellers, unlike Jumia, Konga, and Jiji. To start selling on pocket by piggyvest, simply locate the sell button and click it. You will be presented with lots of options like this:

  • Create a new shop for a new business.
  • Create a shop on Instagram
  • Create a personal store for fairly-used items.
  • Create a fashion shop
  • and so on.

All you have to do is to select one of your choice and one that fits in and is best for what you want to sell and create.

Save Money

Piggyvest can help you save money in your pocket.

Yes, this is actually one of the core things piggyvest is known for. You can save money individually or in a group in your pocket account. They allow you to add up to 100 people.

Escrow Services

This feature helps you avoid getting scammed by a seller, as well as ensuring that you receive exactly what you ordered for.

They do this by collecting money from a buyer for the seller. but won’t release the money to the seller until the product reaches the buyer and he/she is satisfied with what he/she got.

Requirements For Opening A Pocket By PiggyVest Account

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Opening a pocket account is quite simple and requires just a few details. With these four details, you have your pocket account.

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Bank Verification Number
  • Valid ID (NIN, passport or other)

However, if you don’t have all these details available now, You can start first with just a phone number or email, and later you can add the other ones.

Also, if you already have a piggyvest account, there’s no need to register again. All you need to do is to link it to your pocket app. That’s all.

To sign up, simply go to the playstore or appstore and install. Fill in the required details and sign up.

Is Pocket By PiggyVest Safe?

Yes, very safe. It is a licensed company known for investment and saving in Africa. So there’s nothing to worry about. They have been operating for 5 years now and have over 500,000 downloads of their app on the playstore.

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