Is Unity bank a good bank?

Is Unity bank a good bank?

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Unity bank is one of Nigeria’s leading retail banks that commenced operations in January 2006. Unity bank has over 213 business offices spread across the 36 states & federal capital territory.

The Bank offers wide-ranging financial services to individuals, businesses and the public sector of the nation’s economy. As a further commitment to the growth of the nation’s economy, Unity Bank focuses in particular on SMEs and Agribusinesses.

There are many good banks in Nigeria that it may seem like a daunting task to choose which of them is the best to bank with.

If you are considering unity bank and you want to know if it is a good bank to trust your money with, then you might want to continue reading this post.

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Unity bank history?

Unity Bank plc, is the flagship institution of the Unity Bank Group. Other members of the financial services group include the following:

  • Unity Capital & Trust Limited
  • Caranda Management Services Limited
  • Unity Registrars Limited
  • Northlink Insurance Brokers Limited
  • Newdevco Investments & Securities Limited
  • UnityKapital Assurance plc
  • Pelican Prints Limited
  • Unity Bank BDC
  • Hexali Properties Limited

Is Unity bank a good bank?

To answer this question, we are going to be listing the requirements for a bank to be considered a good bank:

  1. Easy access to your money
  2. Good customer support
  3. Availability of good & reliable mobile/online banking technology
  4. Small fees & charges
  5. Trustworthiness
  6. Interest on your savings

Easy access to your money

Unity bank makes it very easy for you to access your money, your transfer requests, withdrawal requests are easily & quickly fulfilled.

There is usually little to no delay depending on the bank network at that particular time. You can access your money via the mobile app, internet banking, POS machines and ATMs easily.

Good customer support

The Unity bank customer support is very responsive and they are quick to respond to customer queries/problems.

The bank has provided different ways in which you can reach out to them, should you require their help.

The following are the different channels with which you can contact Unity bank:

Phone number: 0708066000, 07057323225-30, 08099152315



Availability of good & reliable mobile/online banking technology

Having good & reliable mobile banking & online banking technologies is perquisite for any good bank, and as such Unity bank has provided world class banking technology to allow you manage your bank account 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

The Unifi by Unity bank is readily available for download in the Google playstore & iOS app store depending on your mobile device.

The mobile app has received so many good reviews from customers, which you can view when trying to download the app.

Unity bank also has in place a good internet banking system that allows you to access your bank account from anywhere in the world and perform transactions like paying bills, viewing account statements, buying airtime and more.

Small fees & charges

Just like most banks Unity bank charges fees like transfer charges, card maintenance, stamp duty charges etc.

This is in compliance with the policy of bank charges that has been placed by the central bank of Nigeria, so you should have no fear, as there are no extravagant charges on with Unity bank.


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Unity bank is a very trustworthy bank and it is regulated by the central bank of Nigeria. Which is responsible for regulating all banks in the country.

Unity bank has over 213 business offices spread across the 36 states & federal capital territory. As of December 2010, Unity Bank plc maintained 242 branches across all states of Nigeria, giving it the 7th-largest branch network in the country.

Interest on your savings

Unity bank offers different types of savings account that will help you achieve your financial goals in a shorter time.

There is good interest on savings just like you would find in any other bank in Nigeria.


With the above, you should now know that Unity bank is a very good bank to keep your money safe with. There is absolutely no reason why you should fear banking with them.

While there may be other banks with larger customer numbers than Unity, you can’t go wrong choosing unity bank.

You can leave your personal reviews about this bank in the comment section below.


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