How To Become A Zenith Bank POS Agent?

How To Become A Zenith Bank POS Agent?

Read all about how to become a zenith bank POS agent.

Zenith bank is a leading multinational financial service provider founded in 1990. Its headquarters is in Lagos, but it has several branches in every city in Nigeria.

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A point of sale (POS) is a device that allows the user to process transactions, monitor inventory, generate receipts, and collect marketing data.

Agent banking is an extension of financial services adopted by the bank to extend zenith bank agents to reach across all segments. Moreover, as an agent, you are required to render basic financial services on behalf of the bank.

Additionally, some of the services rendered by the agent are account opening, cash withdrawal, cash deposit, funds transfer, bill payment, and Airtime purchase. This article will discuss how to become a zenith bank pos agent.

The Minimum Requirement To Become A Zenith Bank POS Agent 

The following are the minimum requirement to become an agent

  • You must have an account with zenith bank for a minimum of six months.
  • A prospective agent needs to have an accessible and visible business location for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Your business center/ outlet should be able to accommodate a desk and a minimum of one staff to handle banking services.
  • The outlet should be located in any location with reasonable human traffic, such as a market, school, shopping mall, filling station, etc.
  • The business registration document for corporate bodies is required
  • A recent utility bill is required
  • Two recent passport photograph is required
  • Certificate of incorporation, TIN, Memorandum, and Article of association (for corporate accounts)

Step On How To Become A Zenith Bank POS Agent

The following are the step to becoming an agent.

  • Visit any nearby zenith bank branch
  • Request for the agent banking form
  • Kindly fill out the form correctly
  • Submit your completed form and a copy of the required documentation to the agent
  • On completion, you will receive an SMS that you have verified.

The Benefit Of Becoming A Zenith Bank POS Agent

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The following are some advantages of becoming an agent;

  • The agent earns a commission for each transaction made
  • As an agent, you will receive extra income from carrying out transactions.
  • Cash management allows evacuating cash off your retail premises.
  • It offers the opportunity to cross-sell your product or services to walk-in customers.

Features Of Zenith Bank POS Terminal

  1. Cardless Payment: allows a customer to transfer funds and withdraw cash from their account without a debit card.
  2. Multi-Card Capability: this pos terminal accepts all cards irrespective of the issuing bank.
  3. Quicker Reconciliation: agent can balance the report at the end of the day, and customized reporting ensures there is no loose end in your accounting.
  4. Fast Processing: each transaction takes less than 20 seconds to be processed.
  5. Newest Technology: this pos terminal comes with the latest hardware as well as up-to-date software design to help reduce fraud and enhance data security
  6. Industry Standard Fraud Protection: the terminal is compatible with the new chip and pin standard that helps to prevent fraud.
  7. High-End Data Security: you will receive the most current security for your terminals, including card masking Capability.
  8. Online Reporting: it conveniently views real-time data, search transaction, and customizes reports.


How do I become a bank agent?

Most all Nigerian commercial bank offers this service. In other words, all you have to do is register with any bank of your choice.

What does an agent do for a bank?

As an agent, you are required to render basic financial services on behalf of the bank, such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, funds transfer, bill payment, airtime purchase, and account opening.

How can I request a POS terminal?

Visit any zenith branch and request a POS terminal through the relationship officer.

Conclusion: How To Become A Zenith Bank POS Agent

POS agents are individuals who run or operate a POS business which has become essential in our society because they are fast and reliable in operation.

Zenith bank offers one of the best mobile money services. However, if you plan to become a zenith bank POS agent, I hope you got a lot of helpful information from this article. Please share and comment.


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