How to check Kuda bank statement of account?

How to check Kuda bank statement of account?

Read all about how to check Kuda bank statement of account.

The statement of account usually contains all debit and credit card transaction that take place on your bank account.

It is usually used as a reference to show that a transaction took place and it was successful. You can view the statement of account from one date to another.

Kuda bank allows you to view and download your statement of account and receive it straight to your email address.

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About Kuda bank?

Kuda bank is Nigeria’s first mobile only bank that is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria. Kuda bank comes in with many amazing features, like zero card maintenance fees, free transfers, automatic savings and more.

Kuda bank started some few years back as Kudimoney, their aim was to solve the numerous problems that users had with traditional banks.

They later changed their name to Kudabank, and grew their team to help them achieve their goal.

Kuda bank is registered and licensed by the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and their registration number RC796975. It is headed by CEO Babs Ogundeyi.

Kuda bank is mobile first and they have no physical bank to carry out transactions. This means that all its transactions are carried out on mobile.

How to check/get Kuda bank statement of account?

Follow the below instructions on how to get/check Kuda bank statement of account:

  1. Open Kuda bank app
  2. Tap MORE at the bottom of your screen
  3. Tap statements & reports
  4. Set a time frame for your account statement & choose preferred format (either a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet
  5. Tap Get
  6. Check the email address linked to your Kuda account

Kuda bank customer care

You can contact the Kuda bank customer care via the following channels:

Phone number: 0700022555832



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