How to withdraw from Cowrywise before maturity date?

How to withdraw from Cowrywise before maturity date?

Read all about how to withdraw from cowrywise before maturity date.

Cowrywise is an online platform where you can save and invest without stress. That is, you can save anytime, anywhere even at the convenience of your home.

It also has an automated option where all you need to do is set the amount and time according to how you want it. And you also receive interest where you can withdraw when it matures.

When you save money on Cowrywise, you will have to lock it for a certain period of time, and you can only withdraw it once the maturity date reaches.

In this post, I am going to be writing about how to withdraw from Cowrywise, how to change maturity date on Cowrywise and more.

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How to withdraw from Cowrywise to bank account?

To withdraw from cowrywise to your bank account, follow the below instructions:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on Save (Select either regular or circles)
  3. Click on the plan you want to withdraw from and select Proceed
  4. Under stop saving, click Transfer to stash (to withdraw to your bank account, you need to send the funds to Stash first)
  5. Select Withdraw to Stash
  6. Select Proceed and enter the amount you want to withdraw
  7. Set a new maturity date for subsequent savings
  8. Choose if you want us to save for you automatically subsequently or if you would prefer to save manually
  9. Click on Make Withdrawal
  10. Your funds will move from your matured plan to your Stash, you can then send the funds to your bank account from there at any time at all
  11. To withdraw from Stash:
  12. Go to the Stash page
  13. Click on transfer and select the transfer to bank account option
  14. Type in the amount you want to withdraw taking note of the withdrawal fee.
  15. Then use your Cowrywise PIN to verify.
  16. You will get the funds in your bank account almost immediately.

How to change maturity date on Cowrywise?

Follow the below instructions to change maturity date on Cowrywise:

  1. Select Plans
  2. Tap on the plan you which to change
  3. Select the more options icon
  4. Choose the edit plans options
  5. Edit the fields you want
  6. Save changes

The following are the options you can edit:

  1. Plan name
  2. Plan target
  3. Amount
  4. Frequency
  5. Next savings date
  6. Assigned debit card
  7. Automation status

How safe is Cowrywise?

Cowrywise is not a bank. CBN regulates banks. Cowrywise is a fund manager duly registered with and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria to carry out activities related to savings and investments.


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