Transaction not permitted First bank

Transaction not permitted First bank

The first bank app allows you to perform a range of actions like money transfer, checking bank account balance, check statement of account, pay bills and more.

When you are performing a transaction the First bank app, you occasionally get some error that may means a number of things.

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When you get the “Transaction not permitted” on First bank, it means that the transaction is not allowed to go through.

This could be as a result of any of the following reasons:

  1. Network issues
  2. Overloaded server
  3. Exceeded transaction limit
  4. Blocked bank account

You can solve this by logging in out of the first bank app and logging in again to repeat the transaction, waiting a few minutes/hours and then trying again. You can also try contacting the first bank customer care via any of the following channels:

+234 708 062 5000

+234 1448 5500


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