How to recharge/subscribe GOTV/DSTV with PalmPay?

How to recharge/subscribe GOTV/DSTV with PalmPay?

Read all about how to subscribe GOTV/DSTV with PalmPay.

PalmPay is a mobile banking wallet that allows you to earn rewards for completing actions on the app. You can complete actions like money transfer, buying airtime, depositing on your betting platform, paying electricity bill, paying cable bills and many more.

You can download the PalmPay app from Google Playstore or from the iOS app store and you can register on the app by providing the required details.

If you want to know how to subscribe GOTV and DSTV with PalmPay, then you will need to continue reading this post.

In this post, I am going to be writing about how to recharge/subscribe GOTV/DSTV with PalmPay and more.

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How to recharge/subscribe GOTV/DSTV with PalmPay?

Follow the below instructions to subscribe GOTV/DSTV with PalmPay:

  1. Login to your PalmPay account with your user details
  2. On the MENU, click on TV
  3. Select your biller (DSTV or GOTV) from the dropdown
  4. Input your SmartCard number
  5. Select the plan that you want to activate (You will see the pricing alongside each plan)
  6. Once you confirm the bouquet you want to activate, click on NEXT
  7. You can use a coupon if you have any
  8. If you have enough money in your balance to cover the amount, click on PAY
  9. Otherwise you can pay by using your bank card
  10. Select PAY AMOUNT
  11. Once you complete payment, you will need to wait a few minutes for your cable to come on

If you are having any issues with your GOTV/DSTV subscription using PalmPay, you will have to contact the PalmPay customer care via the below channels:

PalmPay customer care

You can contact the PalmPay customer care/support via any of the below channels:


Phone: 018886888


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