Is Opay shutting down 2023?

Is Opay shutting down 2023?

Read all about Is Opay shutting down 2023.

Opay is an e-payment platform that is owned by Opera software company (the developers of the popular Opera mini browser). On Opay, you can make payments for goods and services using just your mobile phone.

The Opay app is available for download on the android playstore, and you can then begin making payments, paying bills and receiving money on your mobile phone.

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Is Opay having network work issues today

Is Opay shutting down 2023?

There has been a rumor spreading that the fintech apps Opay and PalmPay are shutting down. There has been an ever growing rumor that the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) has suspended the accounts of the Fintech companies because they were used to perpetuate fraud.

This report has turned out to be completely fake and both Opay and PalmPay have come out to rubbish such reports.

It is understood why many Nigerians are fearful of the Fintech apps, since it is not the traditional banks that they are used to and also because they don’t have branches across the country like your traditional banks.

However, you should know that Opay is licensed under the Central bank of Nigeria and is insured by the NDIC.

Opay is fully licensed under the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) mobile payment regulatory framework. They are to provide mobile money service including mobile payment services to both the banked and unbanked and also to drive financial inclusion.

There will probably always be fears that Opay will be shutting down, but there is really nothing to fear, as the company is fully insured by the NDIC and licensed by the Central bank of Nigeria.

Your money is safe with Opay, just as it is with your regular traditional banks and they are not going anywhere.

If you want to get in touch with Opay, you can contact them via the below channels:

Phone number: 0700 8888329 01 888329





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