How to cancel pending transaction on Opay?

How to cancel pending transaction on Opay?

Read all about how to cancel pending transaction on Opay.

Opay is known for its lightning quick transactions, however there are times when your transaction might be stuck on pending for a while.

If for example, you are trying to transfer money to someone using the Opay app, and the transaction gets stuck in pending, you might be wondering what has gone wrong and what you can do to resolve it.

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Reason for pending transaction on Opay

The below are some of the reasons for a Pending transaction on Opay:

  1. Slow network
  2. Low account balance
  3. Recipients bank issue

How to cancel pending transaction on Opay?

You should know that if your Opay transaction is showing Pending, the best thing you can do is to wait for a minimum of 24 hours for it to go through.

Sometimes, the transaction may fail and the money will be reversed back to your Opay wallet, otherwise you may need to contact the Opay representatives.

You can contact the Opay customer representatives via the following channels:

Phone number: 0700 8888329 01 888329




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About Opay?

Opay is an e-payment platform that is owned by Opera software company (the developers of the popular Opera mini browser). On Opay, you can make payments for goods and services using just your mobile phone.

The Opay app is available for download on the android playstore, and you can then begin making payments, paying bills and receiving money on your mobile phone.


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