How to reactivate/unrestrict wema bank account?

How to reactivate/unrestrict wema bank account?

Read all about how to reactivate Wema bank account.

Wema Bank is the pioneer of Africa’s first fully digital bank, ALAT, and one of Nigeria’s most resilient banks. With decades of experience in the business of banking, the Bank has remained innovative in delivering value to its stakeholders. The publicly quoted Nigerian company has successfully built a legacy of trust and resilience that has won it the loyalty of its customers.

When your Wema bank is restricted, you will be unable to carry out transactions like money transfer, buying airtime, paying bills and many more.

If you want to get back to using your account to carrying out transactions, you will need to reactivate your account.

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How to reactivate/unrestrict wema bank account?

The following are the different ways to reactivate your wema bank account:


  1. Dial *945*5# or *945# and select ‘account reactivation’ from the menu.
  2. Select the account to reactivate.
  3. Enter Account Officer Code (if known) or select 1 to proceed.
  4. Enter 945 PIN to validate the request.

Depending on the class of your account, your account will either be automatically reactivated, or you may receive a link to upload a valid ID and utility bill via SMS.

Your account would be reactivated after the document review.


With a deposit of as little as N500, you can automatically reactivate your account.

*This service is strictly for accounts that have been inactive for 5 years or less.


  1. Fill and sign the WEMA account reactivation form and attach/provide a valid ID.
  2. Submit to or

If you require further help, you can contact the wema bank customer care via the following channels:

+234 803 900 3700



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