How to open Wema bank account on my phone

How to open Wema bank account on my phone

Read all about how to open wema bank account on my phone.

If you’ve been thinking of banking with WEMA (I.E Open a bank account with them) but don’t know how to go about it, this guide will be a real eye-opener for you once you read to the end.

Sometimes, you might want to start banking with a specific bank organization, but their branch might not be in your area yet or they are far away.

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In this short and straight-to-the-point guide, you will be enlightened on how to open a WEMA bank account at the comfort of your home, without the need of visiting a WEMA bank branch and going through a lot of hassle providing tons of documents.

Before proceeding, note that there are some requirements that you need to have, else you won’t be able to follow this guide.

Requirements needed to open a WEMA bank account on the phone

Below are the major requirements needed to register for an active and fully functioning WEMA bank on your mobile phone.

  • A Smartphone, maybe Android or IOS
  • Access to internet connection
  • An active Email Address
  • Your registered and active mobile phone number
  • You will need to get the WEMA Alat mobile app installed, you can get it on Google play store or Apple store for IOS users
  • Your 11-digit BVN (Bank Verification Number)

Features of the WEMA Alat bank account

Below are what you can do with the WEMA Alat bank account opened on your mobile phone, but it’s not limited to. You can do much more.

  • Balance and transaction inquiries
  • Funds transfer (intrabank and interbank)
  • Bills payment (DSTV, HiTV, PHCN, My TV, Startimes, etc.) Airtime recharge (MTN, Zain, Glo, Etisalat, Starcomms, etc.)
  • Mini statement and full statement in various formats (PDF, Excel, Word)
  • Cheque requisition
  • International remittance (Western Union, Moneygram, etc.)
  • Automated savings and investment with up to 4% interest rate
  • Borrow loans that require no document or paperwork
  • You can pay on international sites with the WEMA Alat dollar card

How to open WEMA Alat bank account on mobile phone

Now that you’ve gotten your requirements ready and the features (what you can do) with the account are clear, let me show you how you can register.

To open the bank account actually doesn’t have a step-by-step list to follow because the process is quite intuitive. Once your requirement is complete, just follow the on-screen prompt of the mobile app to sign-up.

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Hope this helps and the account opening process goes well for you, just get your requirements ready, download the WEMA Alat app and follow the on-screen prompts.

Within a few minutes, you will have yourself a fully functioning digital bank account.

And if there are still some questions troubling your mind, you can visit the official WEMA Alat FAQs page OR simply comment down below.

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