How to check Uba statement of account

How to check Uba statement of account

Read all about how to check uba statement of account.

If you are the type of person that makes frequent inter-bank or intra-bank transactions, there will come a point where you get confused about how you’ve spent some money.

To clear the confusion, what you need to do is check your bank account statement. Luckily, there are so many ways you can use to check the statement of an account as a UBA customer.

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Unlike the traditional way of checking a bank account statement, where you need to visit a banking hall to get the statement printed out and also get charged N50 to N100 per page, all the 3 methods that will be explained in this guide on “how to check uba statement of account” can be done online.

There are mainly 3 methods you can use to check your UBA statement of account online without visiting any UBA bank branch. All 3 methods will be explained in detail in this guide.

Before delving right in, let’s quickly take a look at what a statement of account is…

What is the UBA bank statement of account?

A UBA bank account statement is like a book of record containing your cumulative bank transaction history over a period of time, this includes account deposit, ATM or POS withdrawals, online payment and so many more.

All these records are stored with the bank and will be released to you upon your request.

How to check UBA statement of account (Leo method)

Leo is the UBA AI virtual assistant available on Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Follow the below procedures to request for a statement of account from Leo:

You can chat up the official Leo account on messenger or message the AI assistant on WhatsApp. Then send “ACCOUNT STATEMENT“, the chatbot will ask you to enroll first if this is your first time and then ask you a series of questions to know which bank account statement you’re requesting for.

How to check UBA statement of account (Mobile banking method)

The second method you can use to check your UBA bank account statement is via the UBA mobile app, this method can only be carried out by smartphone users, either Android or IOS.

Follow the step-by-step procedures below:

  • First head over to Google play store or Apple store for IOS devices. Download and install the app
  • Log in with your credentials or register after a successful app installation
  • On the admin interface, click on “self-service” and choose “bank statement” from the array of options available
  • Choose the date of the statement (from and to) you would like to download, your account statement will be sent to your linked Email address

Note that you can only generate a statement for transaction history not more than a year.

How to check UBA statement of account (Internet banking method)

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The last method in this guide you can use to check your UBA bank account statement without visiting a UBA bank branch is via internet banking.

Below are the step-by-step procedures below:

  • Visit the official UBA internet banking web page here, log in or register if this is your first time using the internet banking
  • After logging in or registering, click on the “my bank statement” option
  • Then choose a date range you would like to view its statement

Your statement of account will be sent to you via email.


Hope this guide on “how to check UBA statement of account” will be helpful and let you know how you can check statements without visiting the bank branch or getting charged N50-N100 per page.


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