How to lock your GTbank account with 737

How to lock your GTbank account with 737

Lock gtbank account with 737

Read all about how to lock your gtbank account with 737.

These days there are lots of scammers online and people who are involved in one form of fraud or another. This has made many banks in Nigeria to implement different ways to protect its customers’ money.

Guaranty trust bank, which is one of the leading banks in Nigeria has come up with a way to further ensure security of customers’ bank account.

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If for example, you have your ATM card stolen, or maybe your account has been compromised in one way or another.

Usually, you would call customer care or go to the nearest bank branch to have your account locked, so unauthorized persons cannot access your money.

With GTbank 737, you can lock your GTbank account from your phone (or with a friend’s phone, if yours was stolen also). You can do so by:

  1. Dial the GTbank code for locking bank accounts *737*51*74#
  2. Provide the number registered with your GTbank account (i.e. the number you receive bank alerts with) and also your 737 PIN.

This is so that GTbank is able to confirm you own the account.

  1. Once locked, you won’t be able to do anything with the account i.e. no credit or debit transactions.

To unlock your account, you will need to call GTconnect, customer care or visit any GTbank branch nearest to you.

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What is 737?

737 is the GTbank ussd code for carrying out transactions. With 737, you can send money, buy airtime, pay cable subscription e.t.c. All these can be done from the comfort of your home without needing to visit the bank.

GTbank customer care

234 700 4826 66328

234 1448 0000

234 802 900 2900

234 803 900 3900


With this post, you should now know how to lock your GTbank account with 737 and better secure your GTbank bank account against fraudsters and thieves.

If you have questions about how to lock your GTbank account, you can ask them below and I will tend to them as soon as I can.

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